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1 Avenue de Lobos

This might be the largest house of Simmerville, the rooms are huge and many. Downstairs there is a hall, large livingroom, kitchen, dining, library and lately there was added a senior section counting a bedroom and 2 bathrooms. Upstairs there is 4 big bedrooms, bathroom and a large terracce with perhaps the greatest view down to Dragon View and Simmer River. Behind the house there is a lovely, private garden with a swimming pool and more.
Recent Households
3. (60-): Bellue Fresco
2. (20-57): Belinda Valentino
1. (1-19): Rudo Valentino
Recent Owners
3. (60-): Bellue Fresco
2. (20-57): Belinda Valentino (daughter of 1)
1. (1-19): Rudo Valentino

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
This house is known as the Casa Fresco, lot cleared by Eline Grumblin 95 years before TS2, but the first decent house was built by Brothur Fresco and wife Silvina Goth. Silvina was a local while Brothur immigrated from Bettervill 60 years before TS2. All their 3 children settled in Simmerville, their oldest son Jutold Fresco inherited this house.

Juthold Fresco (63 years old at TS2) was a successful detective. He married Bellue Blyth from Betterville, they had 3 children Juliana, Silvica and Anton. Only Juliana stayed in Simmerville, married to Rudo Valentino from the hood of Sunny Heights. Rudo and Juliana had 2 daughters, Belinda and Sue, before TS2, and 1 son, Sherard, after transmitting to the future.