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6 New Simmer Lane

This house was built by Lucy Bluzz on local day 56. 3 stories and a small garden behind the house. 1st floor is a decently sized store with restroom and toilet. 2nd floor is kitchen, bath and living/dining. 3rd floor holds 3 large bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It's actually Simmerville's very first townhouse.

The Bluzz family has got long traditions in Simmerville, this lot was meant to compensate land that they lost due to the TS2 revolution. 

Home Business: 
Bluzz Shop

Opening hours: Occasionally.

A business with comfort! We sell flowers, decors and "small stuff" suitable for gifts, and in our stores you can also relax with coffee and TV!

Bluzz Shop is a badge building center for family Sims who might get involved with the larger company, Bluzz Emporium, Inc. Therefore the homebased shop is mostly an office that is open for customers just a few hours on evenings.

Simday 72: Bluzz Shop is currently closed to customers. We have not yet decided its future.

Recent Households
2. (56-): Lucy Bluzz
Recent Owners
2. (56-): Lucy Bluzz
1. (1-55): Simmerville hood