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6 Hunter Road

This is one of the smallest houses of Simmerville, an exact copy of the historial house at old 51 Simmerville. The exterior is the same, but the late owners have made minor indoor adjustments. The house contains kitchen/living, 2 bedrooms 1 nursery and 1 bathroom. There is no basement.

The house has a wonderful little garden established by Josefine Gobelin who resided here during the TS2 transmitting.

Recent Households
4. (30-): Felica Muggey
3. (25-26): Babaya Puzzler
2. (14-18): Simanda Moulino (to 2 Dragon View)
1. (1-12): Josefine Gobelin
Recent Owners
4. (30-): Felica Muggey
3. (25-26): Babaya Puzzler
2. (14-18): Simanda Moulino
1. (1-12): Josefine Gobelin

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
This lot, previously referred to as Willman's Abode, is one of Simmerville's oldest as it was cleared 130 years before TS2. Back then the address was 51 Simmerville. The first house was built by Elirid Bluzz and was let to renters. Jork Willman was the first renter, 10 years later, he and his family grew cabbage here. His son Halber Willman took over, he married local Nadilla Fresco, and they had a daughter named Agnelly. 85 years before TS2 the Willmans had to move away because the new owner, Mr Naleus Bluzz, claimed to reside the house. The ground was very poor, but they continued growing cabbage.

Mr Bluzz married the local and poor Brenda Frocks, they had 4 children. Naleus Bluzz was a businessman, but their cabbage produce was still 10/29 of their efforts.

One daughter moved to Slemmon Heights, 2 daughters settled elsewhere in Simmerville, and their son, Rupert Bluzz inherited this house 65 years before TS2. He married the local politician Brucilla Hedgewood, they had 3 children. The oldest, Nathan Bluzz, inherited the house.

Mr Nathan Bluzz was married to a distant relative, 2nd row actress, Elianna Bluzz (from Summerset). Nathan was a businessman, but they did not do well, and 34 years before TS2 they sold the house and moved downtown. At the time they had a daughter Stella (5).

The new owner was Josefine Gobelin (born 60 years before TS2). She was a local Gobelin, and she now returned from downtown where she had worked at the SimCity Post Office. Ms Gobelin never married, but 2 years before TS2 her older sister Adelheid (Gobelin) leGrox was widowed and moved in with Josefine Gobelin.

Josefine Gobelin died 12 simdays after TS2, then her sister was dead already. Simanda (Moulino) Swims bought the house but sold after only 4 simdays. It was vacant for a while, then the Puzzlers from Babaya Community Center stayed here for a couple simdays. On simday 30 the Muggey family bought the house, and they still resides it on simday 43.