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5 Hunter Road

This is a very old house with a limited floor plan. The modern version is based on the historical house at old 56 Simmerville (see below). The first floor was reorganized lately, and contains a main living area including kitchen section, and 2 bedrooms. Upstairs there is the old alien lab, the stair room and extremely tiny shower and toilet rooms.

The location is very quiet up here at the end of Hunter Road, behind the old recreation area, Old Hunter's Lodge. The owner has been charged numerous fees for not tending the garden which is covered with weeds. Sservice people did always hesitate to enter this lot, but with two kids forced to go to school, it seems the household has lost some of its mystery. 

Home Business: 
Alien Research Center

Opening hours: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri 8PM to 4AM
Cost level: Average

Want to see a real UFO? Come to the hood's only Alien research center to stargaze at night! Don't mind the wolves, or the creepy sounds, we guarantee that 99% of our visitors will leave in one piece!

Simday 69: Due to... unforeseen circumstances... the observation platform has been closed lately. We will soon reopen... maybe...

Recent Households
4. (71-): Mubu M. Gothier
3. (61-70): Harvis MacAstral
2. (53-60): Bubo Buh
1. (1-52): Mollie MacAstral
Recent Owners
4. (69-): Mubu M. Gothier (sister of 3)
3. (61-68): Harvis MacAstral (son of 1 & 2)
2. (53-60): Bubo Buh (widowman of 1)
1. (1-52): Mollie MacAstral

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
This lot existed in the flat old world as number 56 Simmerville. It was cleared 122 before TS2 by the owner Ethan Bluzz who built a very small house here to let to renters. The house stayed property of the wealthy Bluzz family until Strudhild Mazaloom inherited it 18 years before TS2. 5 years before TS2 it was bought by Mollie MacAstral.

Non-local Hanz Eccot settled here, his household grew tomatoes and kept chicken. The Eccots stayed here for many generations. Hanz' son Robtil Eccot (died 54 years before TS2), Robtil married the local Josella Grumblin, and their daughter Patrica Eccot (died 16 years before TS2) was one of the greatest actresses of the past. She was the only child and moved elsewhere in Simmerville when she married Joachim Farmer (their daughter Johanna Farmer became Simmerville's well known food expert Johanna Grumblin).

Next renters were Fanira Hoover's family. They moved here from 2 Betterville 54 years before TS2, they kept growing tomatoes and keeping chicken, and although this lot became very fertile they were a very poor household. 13 years later both adults were dead and a relative, Elaine Hoover, moved in to look after the two girls, Ravenne (13) and Lice (9).

33 years before TS2, Ravenne Hoover rented the lot. She married the poor 24 years older Thopal Miller from Testville, and they focused on tomatoe produce (20/31). They did okay, but when their 4 children were to share the values, there was not much for each of them. At this time the heritage was split equally between the heirs, not 75% to the main heir like today. Ravenne's oldest daughter Fanira Hoover rented this house 8 years from 13 years before TS2, then the family of 4 finally had to move to the downtown ghetto.

When Mollie MacAstral bought this house, she was the first owner to reside the lot. Ms MacAstral was raised in Muggerville, she settled in Simmerville after a few years downtown oldtown, where she sold palm readings and other magical services from her car. Ms Mollie MacAstral gained world fame when she solved the ancient Simmish Prophecy just before TS2, she has lately been busy with her no longer so secret Blue Alien project. She managed to capture a blue alien and had an alien birth Bubo) in this house. 42 simdays/years after TS2 she still resides 5 Hunter Road together with the now adult Bubo Buh, who is the father to Mollie MacAstral's 2 children.