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3 Hunter Road

This is a rather small 1 storied house that was built just after the TS2 transmittion. The house is still the same, although inner walls have been adjusted to give more rooms. There is 1 kitchen/living area, 1 bathroom, 3 small bedrooms. That's it. The garden is lovely, and a small household will find this to be their perfect home.
Home Business: 
Bonnie's Beauty Salon

Opening hours: Sat 12AM to 8PM, weekdays 6PM-9PM by request
Cost level: Average

I offer full makeovers in my tiny salon. I can't promise a top result, but I'm not expensive! If I'm not in the salon, I'll just be busy doing something in the house - just sit down and I'll be back soon!

For downloadable makeup products and general tips check out the Bonnie's Beauty Shop.

Simday 90: Bonnie's Beauty Salon has closed as the owner has partnered with the owner of Ma'Zalon at Grease Avenue, SimCity, and works there. Bonnie's might be open on demand so if you like a make over, call Helene Montpellier to make a reservation.

Recent Households
6. (79-): Helene Montpellier (daughter of 5)
5. (44-78): Boppe Montpellier
4. (40-43): Goovuda Tammer
3. (24-39): Garton Tammer (from 2 Test Lane)
2. (2-23): Bertil Hornsby (to 5 Dragon View)
1. (1-1): Rudo Valentino
Recent Owners
6. (79-): Boppe Montpellier
5. (44-78): Boppe Montpellier
4. (40-43): Goovuda Tammer
3. (24-39): Garton Tammer
2. (2-23): Bertil Hornsby
1. (1-1): Simmerville Hood