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1 Hunter Road

This 2 storied house used to be the home to "Bimbo NL". 1st floor: living, kitchen/dining, study, bathroom, hall. 2nd floor: 2 medium bedrooms, 1 large bedroom, bathroom, terrace. Behind the house there is a patio with room for a hottub and bbq, but with no view.
Recent Households
4. (46-): Claira O'Brian
3. (23-45): Joe (Carr) O'Brian
2. (7-22): Bimbi O'Brian (to 2 Cabbage Road)
1. (1-6): Jim S. Loveless (to 10 Old Simmer Lane)
Recent Owners
4. (46-): Claira O'Brian (daughter of 3)
3. (23-45): Joe (Carr) O'Brian (divorced husband of 2)
2. (7-22): Bimbi O'Brian
1. (1-6): Jim S. Loveless