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5 Dragon View

A very new house. Small but functional 2 storied house which was recently expanded. Downstairs there is hall, living, kitchen, tv-room, 2 small bathrooms, and a bedroom intended for seniors. Upstairs there is 3 bedrooms + a nursery and 1 bedroom. It is a house intended for a typical family of parents and 2-3 children. The lot is located far down the Dragon View, almost next to the Simmer River which flows just accross the road. The view is not great, but at least there is no builds between the lot and the river.
Recent Households
3. (78-): Bell Shalloe (daughter of 2)
2. (40-77): Eline Shalloe (daughter of 1)

1. (23-39): Bertil Shalloe (from 3 Hunter Road)
Recent Owners
3. (78-): Bell Shalloe
2. (40-77): Eline Shalloe

1. (23-39): Bertil Shalloe

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
Dragon View was originally a small path for dragon hunters. From here they could easily locate the forest dragons in the area down to the river.