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1 Dragon View

The house at 1 Dragon View is also known as the Swims Retreat. The current house is a new version of the first house they built shortly after TS2. There was too many bugs on the lot, and the new house is said to be an improved version. Downstairs there is a hall, livingroom, diningroom, kitchen and 2 small bedrooms intended for seniors and guests. Upstairs are 4 bedrooms and bathroom, and the hall is large enough for various activities such as children's toys and games.

This house was featured at Home Sweet Home.

Recent Households
3. (60-): Ursa Swims
2. (18-59): Mathilda Swims
1. (1-18): Crawl Swims
Recent Owners
3. (60-): Ursa Swims (daughter of 2)
2. (18-59): Mathilda Swims (daughter of 1)
1. (1-18): Crawl Swims

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
Dragon View was originally a small path for dragon hunters. From here they could easily locate the forest dragons in the area down to the river.