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4 Cabbage Road

This sweet little house is based on one of the hood's oldest houses, originally at 60 Simmerville. Only one floor, but with possibility of using the attic. It is a practic house with 3 small bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen and living. The location is quiet, at the end of the road.
Recent Households
4. (83-): Ralphie Muston (son of 3)
3. (42-82): Alma Muston (daughter of 2)

2. (13-41): Richard Muston
1. (1-13): Esther Hedgewood
Recent Owners
4. (83-): Ralphie Muston
3. (42-82): Alma Muston

2. (13-41): Richard Muston
1. (1-13): Esther Hedgewood

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
This lot was resided ever since it was cleared 141 years before TS2, the owner was a very wealthy man named Ethan Bluzz (born local, his mother was Lirid Mervil). He was heir to 6 lots of Simmerville, and his wife Willina Crafton owned some land at Windmill Heights. They built a nice house here (60 Simmerville, now 4 Cabbage Rd), and Ethan started to produce Garden Gnomes for sale. Willina did produce some golden thread for sale to wealthy ladies of the district. Their son Jorry Bluzz, then his son Edward Bluzz both resided here. Edward was a military man who never married and when he died 22 years before TS2 this house was sold and values of almost §400.000 were to be shared between Edward's two sisters who both lived in Simmerville.

The new owner was a distant relative, Roumira Bluzz (born locally, 45 years before TS2). She married non-local Sophold Mazaloom and they had a daughter Elita Bluzz and son Bert Bluzz. Roumira made success as a model and Sophold was a medicore musician. On top of cash bringing work, Roumira inherited more than §800.000 from her brother. 2 years before TS2 they sold the house and moved downtown.

The house was bought by the 3 Hedgewood sisters, Esther, Bonnie and Carla. They grew up at Northdale, and resided the house when it was transmitted to the future.