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4 Simmer Heights

This 2 storied house is brand new, and still not quite completed (simday 43). 1st floor: 3 bedrooms, bathroom, garage with storage room. 2nd floor: kitchen, living with dining, 1 small study, 2 terraces.

The location is great on the hillside between Mervil Farm and the Simmer River. On a clear day one can see the entire New Simmer Lane accross the river.

Recent Households
2. (74-): Oliver Mervil-Rose
1. (38-73): Henrie Mervil-Rose
Recent Owners
3. (74-): Oliver Mervil-Rose (adopted son of 2)
2. (27-73): Henrie Mervil-Rose (adopted son of 1)
1. (1-26): Brion Mervil