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2 Mervil Farm

The location is edging the forest far away from the river and Mervil Bridge, but the land is rather steep and there is a certain distant view down to Mervil Farm. The lot had never been used until Egoon Mervil built on simday 35. Neighbours worry about the increasing number of wolves in this area. They even say those dogs are illegal to keep. Will this be another nest for criminals?

The main build contains 2 small bedrooms, livingroom with a kitchen corner and bathroom. In the cellar there are a few rooms. Kids in Public School can tell you that the daughter's bed is in the basement.

Recent Households
3. (87-): Fricka Goth (daughter of 2)
2. (47-86): Brigar Goth (son of 1)

1. (35-46): Egoon Mervil, owner (from 1 Lucie Lane - Jailo Collective)
Recent Owners
3. (87-): Fricka Goth, daughter of 2
2. (47-86): Brigar Goth, son of 1

1. (35-46): Egoon Mervil, heir to this lot