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17 Old Simmer Lane

The Gobelin Residence is old as it has belonged to one of Simmerville's most traditional family for generations. The house is based on the TS1 version, but much has been improved. The building ouzes of charm and class, although it has a modern feel, too. There is a nice outdoor area with a pool just behind the house. 1st floor contains large living/dining, kitchen, library, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  The large senior section upstairs contains 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a living area.

The house is naturally located next to Gobelin Fashion community lot (see 15 Old Simmer Lane), although the owner no longer owns the clothing store.

From simday 91 the owner of 17 Old Simmer Ln, once again also owns the Gobelin Family Cemetery located at 1 Old Simmer Ln.

Recent Households
3. (75-): Petunia Gobelin
2. (29-74): Bart Gobelin
1. (1-28): Stewart Gobelin
Recent Owners
3. (75-): Bart Gobelin (dtr of 2)
2. (29-74): Bart Gobelin (son of 1)
1. (1-28): Stewart Gobelin

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
The Gobelin Residence was started 129 years before TS2 by Steven Gobelin and his wife Chia Clemp. They produced lettuce and kept chicken, although they were very wealthy compared with Simmerville households at the time. They had 3 children, and the son Bartemon Gobelin got the house here at 17 Old Simmer Lane. Less farming took place on the lot, because the next couple generations worked with education.

Steron Gobelin, who resided here 62-44 years before TS2, expanded the house - pretty much to the standard of today. He managed the hood trades, and did well. His 3 children spread, but son Bartemoleus Gobelin got this house. He worked with education like his grandfather did. He married Christina Hicks and their son Stewart Gobelin, the fashion designer, got the house.

4 years before TS2 Stewart married Angela Mervil (Ol'Ed's grandchild), also known as the cat woman. She brought the Mervil Market management into the household, while Stewart established his own clothing studio, Gobelin Fashion.