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14 Old Simmer Lane

This house located at the better corner of the hood was built on simday 22 by descendants from the Frocks and Mazaloom families, both among the hoods' important families of the past. Nearby we find Bon Voyage Retirement Home and Gobelin Fashion, Inc.. The house was expanded on simday 32.

Downstairs there is 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, hall, and a large living and kitchen area combined. Upstairs there are 3 more bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a hallway large enough for activities. The garden is decently layed out and with a nice view down to Simmer River.

This house was featured on the Home Sweet Home series.

Recent Households
3. (90-): Aroone Frocks (son of 2)
2. (43-89): Luphold Frocks (son of 1)

1. (22-42): Antone Frocks (from 4 Test Lane)
Recent Owners
3. (90-): Aroone Frocks
2. (43-89): Luphold Frocks

1. (22-42): Antone Frocks