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6 Old Simmer Lane: Gothan Quarter

Old Graveyard

Opening hours: 24/7
Entrance fee: none

Just between the old Mervil Market and Andrew's Stroll which used to be the garden of the old Mervil residence accross the lane, is the hood's first communical cemetery. A popular location on Sundays, not so popular around midnight! The place is packed with creepy ghosts who want to tell you their secrets of the past!

Upstairs you can see the urn that is said to contain ashes from the Sim who founded Simmerville 299 years before TS2, Knight Edmund Mervil.

On simday 78 most of the old library was moved to the Hood Administration to give room for a small coffe serving next to the busy poker table. Help yourself with coffee - nobody wanted to work here so we had to close the magazine sale.

This cemetery is now full and only sims who lived back in TS1 are burried here.

Recent Owners
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----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
This lot is packed with history, but we can't describe the past of each ghost here...