GREY SIMS - Simmerville division
We are the elders, we are the world! With the new ageing we want to raise our voice. We will work for the elders' rights in a modern community. We are affiliated with the Grey Sims organization of SimCity. Our office is served Tuesdays and Thursdays, and all local elders are welcome to join.

Members (all elders):

We want to affiliate with other Grey Sims divisions all over Sim Nation.


Wednesdays are Grey Sims nights at Johanna's Kitchen! Elders will get a personal gift; fruits or berries for free!


(none yet)

(TS1) You can now make money and at the same time support the work of the Grey Sims organization. Buy a lot from their monthly lottery, granted by SimCity Police Dept. It will not make you a millionaire, but it adds some excitement into your life, and with some luck it can add nicely to your budget.

Grey Sims organization

Life is about turning the pages again and again, until you finally realize that you have reached the last chapter. Being an elder is a brand new experience to most of us and it's something we can not escape. 

But don't you let our age mislead you to think that we are just sitting there waiting for Grim Reaper. Oh no! We like to be heard. We want to fight for our rights!

We are proud to announce that we were accepted as members with the main organization of SimCity! Please consider joining us! If you live too far away for joining the Simmerville division, please take this challenge of founding your own local Grey Sims division. Together we will stay strong as a historical monument!

Our current agenda is:

Working for a communit lot suitable for elders to hang out. The young sims have their meeting places, the kids have their swings. We like a quiet community lot with a beautiful garden and a cosy café with comfortable armchairs and a fireplace! We are eager to feed the flamingos, but where are they?

Working for a community rule securing the memory of Sims who died from old age. Today it is too easy to sell a gravestone or urn, we want a community rule saying that a gravestone can not be sold until it's 10 Simdays old! That will secure relatives and friends to mourn and honour the dead Sim. Thet say rest in peace; let them prove they mean it!

Less taxes for elder Sims! We can not keep up with the costs when we are no longer able to work full time! We want to pay less taxes. And if this was already dealt with, we want to pay even less!

Free transport to community lots! Thank you Hood Council, this point was already successful in the new world, but we still discuss whether we should claim or taxi costs from the old world refunded!

More focus on seniors on the hood's web site and on the weg in general. We want articles about seniors' legal rights, about our health and changes in general. We want to learn about how to write our last will! We want attention!

More paroles will be added at our next meeting!


Click here for the local Simmerville 50 Simdays Lottery winners!

Simmerville Grey Sims division celebrates the new hood expansion with a lottery. Each local resident can buy one lot for the next couple days and win fantastic prizes. This lottery is local, but you can do the same in any hood - we provide you with the random tool for picking the winners! Please read and find URL link further down! 

To run a local lottery you must first decide what the prizes are, then how much each lot shall cost. Make sure to cover the costs and more - give the extras to support any simanity case - or raise money for the local graveyard.

How to sell lots

Depending on how much time you can spend on the details, you can sell lots to households or individuals. Maximum 1 lot per household makes the procedure easier if your hood is big. In a smaller hood it might be more fun to sell one lot per individ. The household must use the ground tiles to reduce the cash balance with a certain amount of Simoleons to pay for the lots.
See SimCity First Trust Bank, Inc. for instructions.

Each lot in Simmerville's Pleasure Lottery costs §500. It's quite a price but the prizes are good! We offer lots to individuals but due to the high cost we don't expect all households to be interested.

How to give out the prize to the winner

The easiest way to handle it is to transfer money to the winning household. We all know the kaching methode that will add §1000 to the household's cash, so keeping the prize value multiplied with 1000 will be smart. It is possible - but tedious - to add just any value by increasing/redusing the house's cash.

The Prizes

In Simmerville we got the following 5 great prizes:

1st prize: Car (§10.000)
Must be spent on one car. The prize covers most models. To buy the car you must first have a driveway on your lot.

2nd prize: Car (§3.000)
Must be spent on one car. The prize covers either of the following models: Smoogo Minima (§950), Smord P328 (§2250). If you like to get an even more expensive car you can of course add funds. To buy the car you must first have a driveway on your lot.

3rd prize: Dinner downtown (§1.000)
Must be spent on a restaurant dinner. Drinks in a bar can be included too! You can go alone, with a special one or with a group of friends or family - §1000 of your bill will be covered with this prize!

4th-5th prize: General Pleasure (á §500)
Must be spent on downtown pleasures such as bowling, poker, photos, drinks, perfume etc. The price covers §500 of your costs!

Pick a Random Winner

Who got the lucky number? Here is a tool for the Lottery administration to pick the winner(s). Before you run the tool you must write down how many lots you sold and who bought them. The Random Lottery Winner Tool will ask you:

1. Name of lottery

2. How many prizes? And what are they (just 20 characters per prize)?

3. How many households did buy a lot? And then you must fill in one field for each household. If you operate with lot numbers you can type the numbers instead of the names, which will be less time consuming.

Finally you will get the result for your local Sim Lottery and some winners will be so glad! Good luck to everybody and buy a lot to support Grey Sims!