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Simmerville's banner rotation

Current rotation includes 5 banners at any time, meaning your advertisement will be displayed more than 1000 times per week.

We welcome the following advertisers:

A. Commercial advertising, FEE: €90 per month 
LIMITED OFFER: March or April FREE ! May or June: 50% discount !
We prefer ads that go with our concept, for example games, music, film, computers, or other products of interest to teens and young adults.
We do not accept ads/products of adult nature.

B. From Sims to Sims advertising: FREE
Announcements by "from sims to sims" sites to highlight major events and news. This includes ads made by Simmerville to highlight actual sections of our own web site. Other examples are Awards events, Sim Soaps, Sim Artist's new CD or film releases, new web sections etc.
Non Simmerville advertisers are allowed only one banner at the time.
Free ads will not be given priority and if needed they might be taken off the rotation before their full month.

Our goal is to include both categories at all times. For advertising and details, please contact Bille Ballong at

Bille Ballong is a registered company that handles all of Simmerville web's finances.