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SimNation Dictionary 
October xx, 2002 - by Simbille Ballong

HLearn about famous Sims or historical happenings.

Thanks to the recent completion of the Old Town Renovation Project and passing of resolution 309b Z-2a, many neighbourhoods have been incorporated into SimCity's new historic Old Town district. A joint project of the mayor's office and the Grateful Citizens Committee, Old Town offers convenience without sacrificing community. 

Pet Show

SimCity Arts Council
Foundation rewarding promising novelists with §100.

byteman (Dec 4, 2003 6:35:15 PM)
I have been playing the SimCity series since the original, and I have always been curious as to whether the llama references are random or have some special meaning?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:35:15 PM)
They're sort of a backhanded homage to Monty Python.Llama

The Old Country

Spunky Junky Cat Nip Coorporation


Alay, Bart
Artist and painter, SimNation 

Barrett's Boardwalk, 28 Main Street
Popular downtown location, that has proven to be a favorite hang out spot for the young and old alike. With its long traditions it offers gaming hall, and fast food, not to forget the fine upstairs bar. Swinging and recreation along the beach.

Barrett, Paddy III
master tinkerer, best known for his replica "IMA Irascible"

Carey, Drew
Perhaps the best known male celebrity of SimCity.

Chimeway, Arianna
President Chimeway Musical Properties

Claire the bear
One of the modern myths of Sim Nation, told to be seen in neighbourhoods searching for garbage. It's said that she has been talking to teddy bears, ruining picnics and even walked into houses searching for pets. It's common belief that the Claire the bear myth has been passed on for generations and might be based on a bear once escaping from a circus.

Cleaning service
See: Services, Cleaning

Cory's Place, 22
World-famous traditional and contemporary downtown location. Known as comfortable and eclectic.

Crumplebottom Memorial Park, 30 Main Street
This park is dedicated in loving remembrance of Robert Crumplebottom (see other note). 

Crumplebottom, Mrs
Member of the Crumplebottom clan, known for guarding downtown from any improper behavior.

Crumplebottom, Robert
One of SimNation's most beloved puppeteers and philanthropists. A recreation park was built downtown is his honor (see other note). 

"Equipment for Habitation"
Annual designers' show, held in October in SimCity 

Family Day
Refers to a system where adults take a day off from work and children stay home from school every 5th day. Family Day is meant to build relations within the household, and is often spent at community facilities or by arranging fun for all at home. This tradition was spreading from Simmerville early 2003.

Farsheim, Mrs
SimCity teatcher who's students became known all over SimNation for their lamp project.

Food Expo
See SimCity Food Expo

Grand Victory
The day of the year 1790 when Sim Nation fought the enemy, followed by peace and freedom. Sim Nation was never again in war. Many of our cultural traditions can be traced back to this particular event.

Grey Llamas Art Society

Grateful Citizens Committee
Volunteering sims with a particular interest in communit matters. Made a great effort together with Major's Office concerning the Old Town district.

Hedman, Captain
The owner of the original Mr Beau cockatoo.

Hedman's Hideaway, 21
Popular downtown location for dining (Captain Hedman's Hideaway) and entertainment since many years. Famous for their fancy fried fish.

Janitor Sonya
Well known to a full generation for keeping the downtown area clean and working.

The only painting dog in SimNation, best known for her 12 animal socialism and realism works, i.e. "Furry Serf" and 

KSIM Radio
The regional radio station since many years. No ads, no tads, just pure non stop music.

Landgraab, Admiral
... se maleri

Landgraab Mall, 26 Main Street
Popular downtown location, offers both open and closed-air food courts, shops, retail clothing chains and a token recreation area.

Landgraab Malcolm
Semi-retired from the real estate business, still busy with the occasional renovation projects, fundraising event, and tax shelter scheme. The Landgraab clan also includes the slacker extraordinaire Dudley and the spoiled Mimi.

Mann, Beau
SimCity artist, abstract forms and bright colours, and periodically no sleep is his technique.

Matewell, Chuck
SimNation Chess Tournament Champion

McArthur, Mad Mary
Pirate queen 

Mercador, Gerardus
Flemish cartographer, mathematician and one time prison inmate

Military School
A school for Sim children who drop out of the ordinary  public school system. Children that are sent to Military School will never return to their families.

1898 Morgan Simoleon, worth §800-§1300

Old Farm Square, 27 Main Street
Popular downtown location, today known for it's fine restaurant and bar with historic charm. Many years ago known as the largest market for farming produce. Nobody can tell for sure when the old market was new.

Pecs and Glutes
Magazine presenting before and after pictures. With some luck, you might be featured next, with a prize of §300.

Pitcher, Payne A.
SimCity painting artist well known for "Portrait Grid"

Plushie Mushie TV Show
The show that made Buster O'Beast famous.

Psychic Sims Network
Organisation which can help locate lost property.

Repair service
See: Services, Repair

Repo man
See SimCity Collection Department.

Roney, Ian
Ian Roney is best know for his cheerless yet colorful examinations of photography, advertising and the gallery system. "Blind Date" is both a critique of museum-centric revisionist historians and a humorous jab at his critics.

Services, Cleaning
You can order a Maid for §10 per hour. Service includes making beds, cleaning floors, cleaning dishes and trash, and emptying any full trash cans. Service does not include cleaning dishes with food on, watering plants or feeding or cleaning pets or fish. The maid will neither agree on nursing or cooking. The maid will come to your house daily at 10 AM, and will leave when the job is done or around 5 PM.

Services, Gardening
You can order a Gardener for §10 per hour. Srvice includes watering both outdoor and indoor plants, and replanting dead plants. Service does not include weeding vegetables or throwing away dead plants. A Gardener will be sent to your house every 3rd day at 9 AM, and will leave either when the job is done, or about 2 PM.

Services, Repair
You can order a repairman for §50 per hour. He will be top skilled and can fix computers, sinks, kitchen appliances, unclog toilets, replace bulbs etc. You will need to make a call per visit.

Services, Fire fighter
See SimCity Fire Department.

Services, Police
See SimCity Police Department.

Shaw, Brad
SimCity painting artist, famous for his work "Still Life, Drapery and Crumbs".

Shrock, Admiral
The enemy's leader during the Grand War of 1790. He was was lynched at noon on the day of the Grand Victory.

SimCity Collection Department
A SimCity service entitled to repossess any item from a household that has not paid bills. A warning is given as a dilligence notice at 7 AM,  then the Repo Man arrives the following day at 6:30 PM to repossess as many items that are needed in order to match the debts.

SimCity Fire Department
Established ...6. Fireman - When your house is on fire, you can always call the trusty fireman for help. If you have the fire alarm installed in the room that is burning, he'll come automatically. If not, you can call him by phone but it takes more time for him to come that way. 

SimCity Police Department
Established ...
7. Police Woman - In charge of the neighborhood's welfare, there are a few "rules" you must remember. Be careful having your parties late at night. The policewoman will come and charge you $$$ for parties 11:00PM and beyond. But she'll warn you first. Also, having a burglar alarm around the house is an advantage since it automatically calls the police whenever a burglar robs your house. If your burglar is caught, you'll be given $$$$$ to compensate for the stolen items. For Livin' Large : the police will come if you use the chemistry set while having 2 or less logic points and she'll complain about the stench of the chemicals. Again, she'll fine you ($500 this time). 

Sim Institute of Techniness
xxx ...

SimCity African Violet Society
xxx ...

SimCity Beach, 29 Main Street
Popular downtown location, known for its spotless sand and toxic water.

SimCity Bridge Society
Founded by Cornelia Goth

SimCity Cab Co.
Transporting Sims around SimCity for years, mainly between the many neighbourhoods and the downtown area.

SimCity First Trust Bank, Inc.
One of SimNation's largest financial institutions, currently offering various SimInvest certificates, supporting SimCity industries stock market.

SimCity Food Expo
Annual festival for food lovers in SimCity. Activity centered oround local markets and initiated by local Food groups and Cooking clubs. In 2003 this huge event was hosted by Simmerville, and co-hosted by Arcadia, El Prado, Greymount, Lake Town, Simston Estates and Sunnydale.

SimCity Vegetable Expo
Annual festival for Sim farmers and gardeners in SimCity.

*** skriv om *** (simsonastick) Over 200 years before SimCity was founded, a culture called SimNatives inhabited the land. The natives had a strange worshiping dance for shoonoo, their rain god. The worshipping rituals of the SimNatives have not been fully researched yet!

Sims United Neighbourhoods (SUN)
Organisation founded February 2002, counting 70 official members as of August 2003. The first Core Group counted 3 Simmerville residents, and the 2nd Core Group (December 2002-February 2003) counted representatives from Sim Lake, Simmington Hills, Simmerset, Simmerville and Tackett District. Among the best known member services are the SUN Family Exchange and the SUN message boards where residents of SUN-participating hoods discuss everyday subjects.

Solana Towne Center, 25 Main Street
Popular downtown location offering game house, fast food and one of the most visited book stores in Sim City.

See Sims United Neighbourhoods

Thumble, Pinky
Grand master gardener, member of honor of SimCity African Violet Society and host for SimTV show "Satisfying your motives through gardening"

Vegetable Expo
See SimCity Vegetable Expo

Victor's Digest
Since 1911

Wrensday's, 24 Main Street
Popular downtown location for over 25 years. Restaurant, book store, bar and exhibitions, as well as special rooms for relaxment. The location was used as the set of 1987's melodrama blockbuster, "I Wasn't Curious".