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Ask Mr. Martin about the SUN Family Exchange program!
Maybe you have a question that others might share? About the travel, the ticket, the risks, the wardrobe or photo album? Click here to post your question!
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Apr 14 2003, Jjolins, ...
Can I move computers?
Apr 13 2003, Jive Smith, ...
I was wondering how much Simoleons do I need in order to travel? Will I need a certain networth in order to move into a certain available house?
Mar 24 2003, Bambi Noless, Anonymous
Can I bring any of my trendy furniture when I move to another neighborhood?



The superstars flock to Studio Town
May? xx, 2003 - by Bimbo NL

3 .

Halley SIMons:
In my neighborhood, the famous Sarah Willams is the idol. Everyone wants to be her. She is rich, gorgeous, great body, and one of the biggest names. The cameras love her and she wins an award for every movie she is in. The press is constantly praising her and her rep is sparkling clean. She is known for her wide collection of shoes. Every pair is specailly made for her. So naturally every girl in my city, which is SimYitc, wants to have shoes like Sarah Williams.
    - Halley SIMons