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Yes, you can make a living from smart placing of your Simoleons! Do you have a nose for good investments, or just being lucky? Do you have a web shop offering equipment, furniture or even clothing related to our next article? Please contact web master before March 31.

Working with wood and paint can easily ruin your clothes, so if gnome making is your work or hobby you should get some proper clothing. Gobelin Fashion has created 7 outfits for Sims who are into the Garden Gnome business, but if you are an active sim in general, you will find a wider use for these outfits no matter what kind of work you do. Check out Gobelin Fashion's section at STUFF.

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You sure need the Kraftking Woodworker Table (§720). SimSit wanted to offer an alternative woodworker bench, but it became to large for packing and presenting on this site. Instead you are offered some appliances like this practical shelf for storing your tools and paint. It will add nicely to the work station.

Here's also some wood blocks that you should keep near by, because you will constantly need more wood for making even more gnomes. As simple as that.

Both are provided by SimSit. Click to proceed SimSit's section at STUFF.

BB-design has made these two walls that will go well in your cellar, garage, or wherever you will have your woodworker station.
Click to proceed to BB-design's section at STUFF.
Do you make gnomes?
What are your experiences, and do you have any hot tips for others making gnomes at home? Please post here.
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Mar 28 2003, Blytt Jones, Simistry
I just wanna share a link to a related web site where you can get a lot of different gnomes for decoration and inspiration! Go to Updates/archive February 2003
Sims by Tahera
Mar 17 2003, Agnes Abilgnale, Sunnybrooke
Ever since my huband and I retired we have been involved in home buisnesses. Now that I am 63 and he is 64 we find that gardening is becoming too hard for us. About 4 months ago, my husband Charlie began to make gnomes and he has been ever since. It earns enough to keep a roof over our heads and give us food on our plates. Gnome Making is so useful, and sometimes earns more than some of the highest-ranked jobs. It is also very fun and we can take breaks whenever we feel like it. You can't be late for work and you can start and finish whenever you want. Gnome making is Brilliant!
Mar 16 2003, Clive Appleton, Simmerville
My experience is that this business is one of the better home businesses there is. It can pay extremely well on good days, but on a bad day it might be hard to keep up the production.



Home business: Finances
April xx, 2003 - by Lisa Bruton, SimCity Social Services

Are yoed assets.


After reading your article about Family Day, my husband Tim and I decided to try it. It had been a long time since Tim took any time off from work and our relationship points were dropping. We got up early and had a nice nutritious breakfast before we headed downtown. After shopping for gifts and new swim suits we had a nice picnic on the beach. Tim and I both had a great time cuddling and kissing. It reminded me of old times when we were dating. Our relationship was at an all time high. When we arrived back home we took a nap and woke very refreshed. The day was still early so we spent time playing games and dancing at home. That night Tim gave me a very passionate kiss before we went to bed. Guess what!? After months of trying to have a baby we are now the proud parents of a baby girl named Wendy!!! Family Day is GREAT. I recommend that Sims every where should have Family Day.

Elise Douglas                                                                                     Spokesperson for Embassy Estates
Elise Douglas <>

Skills and equipment
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The paycheque
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From the neighbourhoods
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Photo top: Why not turn your cellar into a Gnome production station? You can work whenever you want and still make a nice addition to your household budget!