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Sims AstroLOVE: female testsims
October 5, 2003 - by Claire Brybrey, Sims Science

Thank you all for voting on male testsims for the project, the 4 male testsims are now chosen! Next step is to pick 4 female testsims. Again we need one aries, one taurus, one gemini and one pisces. Voting is open until October 12th.

Below you can see which male testsims were chosen for the project. Now we need your help voting for the female testsims. Many more than 8 women volunteered for the project, but unfortunately only 2 women per astrological sign could go through to the voting heat. By the way; is it a coincidence that the majority of the volunteers were Aries?

Who would you like to see in the AstroLOVE project? Please check them out here and vote until October 12th.

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Final results from male testsims voting