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Do you wear pet fur?
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Jun 12 2004, Brenda, ...
Pet fur is an outrage! Its rediculous and barbaric. Come on people we are not cavesims anymore we are living moden era wear modern clothes! I am personally disgusted because I have a huge heart for animals and I own four dogs one cat two birds a goldfish and a hamster and my daughter owns a turtle. STOP THE FUR STOP THE FUR STOP THE FUR!!!!!!! 
Nov 16 2003, Dr. Sean + C. Charming - Simzhood
We are Sean and Claire from Sims Best Friend in East Simzhood. We think it should be 100% banned from SimNation. Its cruelty, whoever wears fur should be banged up for life!
Sep 27 2003, John, ...
Sep 26 2003, Alli S., ...
NONONO! Not my precious little BonBon getting chopped up, steamrolled, and sewed into a coat! NOOOO!! Never, ever, for any animal will I EVER agree on this! Let's go on clothing stike, or something! Wait- that might be a bit over-the-top. But still, oh my little BonBon kitty!
Sep 21 2003, Veronika Kent, Greymount
I see nothing wrong with using the skin of a pet that's already passed away, some companies make very fashionable clothing with the fur-however, to breed pets just for the purpose of thier fur is horrible and what about those llamas, lambs and cows that are used for popular couches?
Sep 15 2003, Tish W., ...
My name is Tish and I refuse to wear anything with fur. I believe animals have rights too and for them to be used for clothes is just wrong.
Sep 15 2003, Angela Gobelin, Simmerville
I do not support an industry that breeds animals just in order to make clothes from their fur. On the other hand I adore wearing my llama skirt and cobra tights. The llama was hit by the school bus, and the cobra was about to attack Mrs Crumplebottom's niece, so they had to be killed anyway and it would have been such a waste not to use their skin for something. Not the niece's skin of course, but the llama and the cobra.
Sep 15 2003, Kerry Bufton, ...
No i do not where animal fur - it is disgusting.
Sep 15 2003, Cassie Moulino, ...
Stop the fashion industry!!!!! What will be the next - clothes made from sims?
Sep 15 2003, Jessica, ...
How could they do such a horrible thing? It's just like the 101 Simations!



Animal fur in fashion industry
September 12, 2003 - by Fern Bennett (guest writer)

Last week I was just catching up on the gossip from my friend when i received shocking news, about her fashion. We were talking about shopping when she told me about her latest coat that she had brought. It was made out of cats fur.

In 1997 the Legal Animal Protection Unit formally put a ban on any dog, cat, horse or skunk fur on clothes. So why have fashion designers decided to suddenly break the law?

As a RSPAS (Respect Sims, Pets and Society) member, I took this matter to heart. As soon as possible I went round my local village to do a survey, on what people thought of their being real cat fur on their coats. Below is my response.

Claire Mishigan
I am disgusted to find out that my coat has cat fur on it and not fake fur. On the label it says 99% fake fur. From now on I will be much more careful. In fact as soon as I get home this coat is going in the bin!

Richard Goulding
As a local councillor and a university lecturer, this survey comes as no shock to me. For years I have been trying to take legal action against clothes designers such as Simprada and Simgucci. But my plea has never gone through. And why do I feel so strongly about this case. Well as a owner of two Siamese cats, it would be enough heartbreak to see them die, but to see their fur being manufactured onto coats, well that would be crossing the line. Its time for us local Sims to take action against these cruel and cold hearted fashion designers!

Maria Kelding
They actually have real cat fur in shops. Isn't that against the law or something?

So as you can see from the few Sims that I interviewed the majority agree with my view. But we can't do anything about this situation without the help from you, the public.