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What are your experiences, and do you have any tips for parents who are about to have their first child?
Submition closed Aug 24 2003
Aug 24 2003, Adrienne, ...
Having a baby can be an exciting and scary feeling, especially if it's your first.  I have three kids, Paris and Milan who just turned eight, London who will be five this September, and we're expecting another girl, Sydney, in just four months.  I remember when my husband, Kristopher and I found out that we were expecting twins.  We love to travel the world and at the time we were in France.  We were extremely anxious and excited and nervous but after realizing that this was only going to make our family much more fulfilling, things just happened and I never felt more relaxed.  Having children has only made me and my husband feel much more complete and it's fun sharing the world with your little ones. Remember family is what's important.
Aug 24 2003, Jessica, ...
My only advice is : Love your baby!  (°8
Aug 24 2003, Jan, ...
Give your baby a lamp, colorful floors, a nice wallpaper, a corner to sleep, and a nightstand.
Aug 24 2003, Alan, ...
Put the baby in a room with you your partner may want a spert room so the baby when wakes up dosent wake him or her up.
Aug 24 2003, Tigger, ...
I found that with a newborn, when they start crying the best thing to do is to: feed, sing, sing. It works like a charm every time!
Aug 24 2003, Mom, ...
I agree with most of what was said here except you dont need to play with the baby at ALL. Feed it, sing to it once if that doesnt work sing again and you can sleep great. Also the butler is great for taking care of the baby you can go to work and leave the baby home with him and no social worker will take it away.
Aug 24 2003, Tonya, ...
Your advice is very true that is exactly the way I have done my sims babies and it works 2 feeding and sing.. and they are content... :)
Aug 24 2003, Bonnie, ...
The best way to get the baby to go to sleep is Feed, Sing, Sing. Guaranteed. Also keep the baby cradle in your room till the baby grows up.
Aug 24 2003, Teasha, ...
My only advice is that one of the parents dont work until the baby is an job so then that way they woundn't be tried an cranky or hire an Butler whom can be some help.
Jul 26 2003, Yasmin, ...
When I first had my daughter I brought her into every single room I was in. Some people just keep the baby in the nursery but I think its better to have the baby with you at all times.
Jul 26 2003, Mr and Mrs Landford, 82 Sim Lane
It was that terrible day when my husband dies of an illness i had to struggle so hard to look after are first born and keep my baby happy as well as bring money in i soon re married and could maneged my children but the nansty ss people toke my
baby away i have had children since but the most usfull bit of help be confedent.
Jul 26 2003, Alexandra, ...
Any time I feed my baby more then one bottle it begins to cry really loudly. Also, the only time I can play with it is when it first arrives. Any other time and all it does is cry. Why is this?
Jul 26 2003, AlnSwnd, ...
You should make the baby a room as soon as the baby is born if it is a boy decorate the room in a boy couler and the same for girls except girl colours.
Jul 26 2003, Starr Grey, Greymount
My husband and I have found that it is easier to time the birth of the child for morning, for when the baby grows into childhood they have so much energy and want to talk forever. It is easier if the child wants to talk during the daytime or morning-as compared to the middle of the night when we're tired.



Baby Joys
July 7, 2003 - by guest writer Carleena Burtland

Many parents have already brought babies into their world, so why not take advantage of their experience? In this article our guest writer Carleena Burtland of Sim Tucket gives some great advise.

When you and your hubby decide to have a baby or adopt you take a huge step into the next chapter of your life. This time will be hard and exciting.

First you will probably need some place for your new son or daughter to sleep. ( sharing with a sibling or there own room  or anywhere). Remember these first few days will be the worst. But the best. The baby will sleep for about 8 hours and then want to be fed, played with, an sang to. This could take awhile and make you very tired especially during the night. Don't fret though because the  baby will grow up in three or four days.

A great tip that I have used and I believe that you will like is when your baby cries is to feed it until it burps loud then play with it once or twice then sing it to sleep. I have used this for everyone of my three kids. Another tip is; if you have two working people in your house and nether of you want to quit your job just alternate. One day you stay home then the next day the other person stays home with the baby.

After the baby grows up you will get to talk to your child and play with them and spend time with them.  You will enjoy your son or daughters company and will be able to help them through  school and with there friends.