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How well do my description of your astrological sign match with your person?
I'd like to know how Sims relate to Sim Astrology, and if you can recognize yourself in my description of your sign, concerning interests and career choice.
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Mar 10 2003, Alicia, ...
I'm a Libra. The description was pretty right on. For career choice, you should also put in there, entertainment. I know many Librans who love acting, including myself!
Feb 28 2003, Elise, ...
I'm a Pisces, and you've got me pegged! Even your suggestion of jobs is correct, as I'm currently a music major!
Feb 28 2003, Louisa Marsterson, ...
I am a 21 year old Gemini, and your discription fits me exactly! I am currently working my way up the long Political Ladder, and have a very good wage because of this! My friends say that my biggest fault is that once you start me talking about something I am interested in, it's hard to shut me up again. I LOVE the 60's! THe clothes, The music, everything! I am constatly throwing parties for my friends with a 60's theme!
Feb 22 2003, Oldronmig, ...
I am a Cancer and I match the horoscope excatly! I should say though that I don't care about weather and Hollywood and I don't think that Paranormal and Culnary are the jobs I would like to engage in. I think you should add to the "Possible Careers" Musician and Entertainment- now that's the way to go for a Cancer like me!
Feb 22 2003, Rumball, ...
I'm a cancer. You hit the mark dead on. I am very emotional, and I love to cook. I also love mystical things.
Feb 15 2003, LS Middeke, ...
I'm Pisces, and I have to agree with your 1st contributor - most of us are very laid back. Since we love secrets and tend to be serious, we also make good investigators of any kind.
Feb 14 2003, Jessica, ...
I'm an Aries, but let me say somethin about it. I totally agree with the personality qualities, but us Aries don't care enough for our countries to go into law enforcement or military. Plus, we love working with animals. Personally, I hate athletics, but thats another story. But right on with Xtreme!!
Feb 8 2003, Cathy, ...
I'm a Pisces, and the only descriptive word I don't agree with is "active". Most Pisceans I know are pretty laid back and would rather listen to music or read a book than participate in a sport (yech!) or be on the move.
Feb 7 2003, Aartdiva73, ...
I do recognize my self in my astrological sign.
Feb 2 2003, BB Hanssen, Simmerville
Hello, my interests match 70%, my career doesn't match at all, but it's probably because you didn't include home businesses? I hardly read horoscopes, will keep an eye on your future articles.
Friends! My name is Mollie MacAstral, I will provide you with a series of New Age related articles here on the Simmerville web. I have worked with several New Age related themes for nearly 20 years, including offering palm readings and astrological consultation from a purple car in Simmerville's Old Town.

I currently have no e-mail address, but you can reach me via web mistress Bimbo. Contact me here with comments!



New Age: Your astrological personality
February 2, 2003 - by Mollie MacAstral

Do you believe in the stars? Do you think that your personality, interests and career choice is affected by which astrological sign you were born into? Learn about yourself by opening up to Sim Astrology!

Sim Astrology is an old tradition, in fact we have scientific evidence that even the ancient Nestor Similius and it's helpers used astrology to plan the world we live in. Everything is a huge puzzle, where each piece is meant to match a few others. In other words, it's a masterpiece, no doubt, and each Sim is part of it!

Learning Sim Astrology can benefit you in many ways. It makes it easier for you to see your good and less good sides. It helps you to choose a better job, and you can even use Sim Astrology to find what relations are worth building any further. stop wasting time on the wrong interests, the wrong career, and the wrong friends! Accept Sim Astrology as your guide to a richer life and a better understanding of your surroundings.

From outer space to the smallest piece of your heart, there are rules you can choose to follow. I'm not saying you must follow my astrological advice, and you might do perfectly fine even if you distrust Sim Astrology, but if you are in a situation where you feel you miss something but can't really tell what it is, then I'd say that is your inner voice talking to you. Pay attention, because it tells you that something is wrong! I'm convinced you will at least give Sim Astrology a chance!

Below is a brief description on each of the 12 astrological signs. Each of them has unique qualities, and it's important to point that not all Sims under the same sign are exactly the same - we are all unique. Always remember that these 12 signs are not the answer, but the guide.

= Energetic, Dynamic, Outgoing, Impulsive, Temper.
Possible interests: Money, Sports, Exercise, Party, Technology.
Possible career: Law Enforcement, Military, Pro Athlete, Xtreme. 
Known Aries in Simmerville: Ursull S. Swims.

= Calm, Practical, Strong will, Determined, Slow.
Possible interests: Weather, Music, Outdoors, Food, Romance.
Possible career: Slacker, Fashion, Animal Care, Culinary.
Known Taurus in Simmerville: Carl Lobos Hornsby.

= Intellectual, Communicative, Lively, social.
Possible interests: Travel, 60's, Party, Hollywood.
Possible career: Entertainment, Politics, Journalism, Education.
Known Geminis in Simmerville: Aroon Mervil.

= Emotional, Well balanced, Private, Understanding.
Possible interests: Weather, Music, Food, Hollywood, Romance.
Possible career: Science, Paranormal, Journalism, Culinary.
Known Cancers in Simmerville: Steve Grumblin, Cassie Moulino.

= Energetic, Outgoing, Social, Extrovert, Loves to be admired, Playful.
Possible interests: Money, Weather, Sports, Party, Style.
Possible career: Entertainment, Pro Athlete, Fashion, Circus.
Known Leos in Simmerville: none

= Practical, Shy, Introvert, Calm, Detail oriented, Neat, Serious, Active.
Possible interests: Money, Weather, Outdoors, Food, Technology.
Possible career: Medicine, Science, Hacker, Culinary.
Known Virgos in Simmerville: BB Hanssen, Brion Mervil, Stewart Gobelin.

= Intellectual, Charming, Outgoing, Playful, Romantic, Untidy, Lazy.
Possible interests: Travel, Politics, Music, Style, Romance.
Possible career: Law Enforcement, Politics, Musician, Fashion.
Known Libras in Simmerville: Johanna Grumblin, Jonathan Hanssen, Bimbo N. Loveless.

= Emotional, Secret, Active, Forceful, Mean, Somewhat neat.
Possible interests: Politics, 60's, Sports, Exercise, Hollywood. 
Possible career: Law Enforcement, Paranormal, Journalism, Hacker.
Known Libras in Simmerville: none.

= Energetic, Active, Curious, Carefree, Playful, Restless, Tolerant, Untidy.
Possible interests: Travel, Sports, Outdoors, Exercise.
Possible career: Xtreme, Slacker, Animal Care, Circus.
Known Sagittarius in Simmerville: Stella R. Simpley, Egoon Mervil.

= Practical, Playful, Neat, Structured, Disciplined, Nice.
Possible interests: Money, Politics, Technology, Hollywood.
Possible career: Military, Politics, Science, Hacker.
Known Sagittarius in Simmerville: none

= Intellectual, Playful, Friendly, Amusing, Nice, Untidy, somehow Lazy.
Possible interests: Travel, Politics, 60's, Party, Technology.
Possible career: Entertainment, Politics, Journalism, Education.
Known Sagittarius in Simmerville: Simbille Ballong.

= Emotional, Shy, Nice, Active, Serious, Dreamer, Artistic.
Possible interests: 60's, Music, Food, Style, Hollywood, Romance.
Possible career: Musician, Paranormal, Journalism, Fashion. 
Known Sagittarius in Simmerville: Mollie MacAstral.