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4 families living in 4 different neighbourhoods formed this year's Christmas presents test panel.
Here are their brief presentations: 
Neighbourhood: Citrus Grove
Family: Kidman
Reported by: Jennifer Kidman
Jennifer (32), Brocke (32) and their 3 kids, Addeline (10), Tori (8) and Ryan (7). The family also has one dog, Mischief. They are wealthy because Brocke is a famous retired gnome maker.
Neighbourhood: Simmerset
Family: Rhoades
Reported done by: Maya Rhoades
Linn George (28), Maya (29) and their two children Kristina (7) and James (6). Linn George is a backup musican for a rock band, Maya is a surgeon.

Neighbourhood: Testville
Family: Light
Reported by: Blondie Light
Pale (32), Blondie (29) and their two children Hale (10) and Blenda (9). They work as a test family.

Neighbourhood: Ridgeback Valley
Family: O'Connor
Reported by: Artemis O'Connor
There are alot of single people in our commnity now.



Christmas present ideas 2002
Simmerville Christmas Special - part I, Desember 16, 2002

It's time for shopping, and you have absolutely no idea what to buy for your dear family and friends this year! We asked our test panel to check out 10 possible presents we found on Sim web shops; personal - and not too expensive.

We asked for all Sims in SimNation to help us with this problem - what should we give them for Christmas? We got many suggestions on various products offered at Sim webshops, and we narrowed it down to a list of 10 ideas, representing 10 different web site shops.

Then the presents were packed and shipped to 4 Sim families living in different neighbourhoods and probably not knowing each other, all voluneering to join our test panel for testing Christmas presents! They checked out the products, tested them in their own home, and got back to us with their votes and comments.

All 10 products can be found on their representative shops if you follow the links. We are not allowed to send them to anyone who asks, but we might be be able to help you with directions.

We wanted most of the gifts to be affordable to most Sims, and the presents suggested cost from §50 to §756.

We got votes from all 4 families, but comments only from 3. The votes were put together, and are illustrated by the number of green presents to the left. There is no winner and the list below is not ranked in any way, because interests and personal taste is essential when it comes to judging a Christmas present.

Happy shopping!


Rustika Spielzeugkiste
By Nofrena at Wood for Sims

Kidman: Ryan loved this. "It's a much better toy box than that one with all the little drawings on it. Plus it has some really cool toys!"
Rhoades: Our children enjoyed this gift very much. They had a lot of fun playing with the new toybox, We would recommend it to any families with children.
Light: Hale and Blenda loved this wooden toy chest, and we, the parents were envy that we could not play, too!


AshWood Serving Cart
By Junet at Junet's Sims

Kidman: I personally really liked this counter. It fits in really well with my country kitchen. Brocke, on the other hand, being a gnome maker working with wood, thought it was cheap looking.
Light: A very handy item for the kitchen or diningroom. Blenda didn't like it, but we put some cookies on it which made her realize how useful it was:)
Rhoades:Our family found this gift useful for putting the tea set on, so it is a utilitarian gift that is useful.


Giger Set - Wall Lite
By 7deadlysims

Rhoades:My husband did not like this light, but I found it to be a nice decorative wall light. If you know friends who like something a bit different this may make a good gift for them.
Light: Kids again, a brilliant gift for the kids, and the light really is special. We used it in our stair room, it looked good.
Kidman:Addeline and Tori both agree. This lamp looks like something out of a horror movie. If that's your vibe, I guess it would be cool, but I hated it!


Retro-Modern Armchair
By Rachel at Trinkets & Treasures

Light: Very comfertable chair, it looks very nice too. When we voted it this low it's because Hale didn't like it, and it did not fit too well in our
livingroom, but with a more modern interior we think it deserves a high score.
Kidman:I love this chair!! It's actually quite cheap for how comfortable it is. It's also very sleek and retro looking.
Rhoades: This chair was very comfortable and the suggested retail price was reasonable. I think when it becomes availabe I will have to buy two. I could hardly get my husband out of this chair. It was great for watching TV, reading books and playing games like chess, etc. We would definitely recommend at least a matched set for the Sim home.


Atrus Mechanical Study - Logic Game
By Sandy at Around the Sims

Kidman:Brocke and I could never quite figure out what the point of this game was, but it was fun anyway and increased our logic ability.
Rhoades: This game was cool because it is an alternative to playing chess which is fun, but it is good to have other choices. It helps develop logic too which is an added plus.
Light: Pretty interesting, we all flocked to it to see the changing lights, but after a while it became boring.


Single Field Drawer Dressers
By Ra and Merola64 at Simchaotics

Rhoades: Love it!!!  I think this dresser is perfect for a bedroom that is rather small and the need is for something that will fit nicely into a small room.  Most of the dressers are so large! I just loved it because of the reason I described.
Kidman:This dresser matches the other items in that cheap furniture set. It's a bit plain, but if you don't have much money or a dresser, it'd make a great present!
Light: This is a great gift for someone in a very tiny house, like us, but we already had a dresser.


Whale'n Waylon's Deep Sea Aquarium
By SimsPlus

Kidman:This is a pretty cool fish tank. I'm not sure if I like the grayish-silvery color, though. The back lower section is see-thru and looks kinda funny.
Light: If it wasn't for the huge aquarium Downtown, and all the new pet stuff in Oldtown, this would have been breathtaking. Hale and Blenda loved it, but then they ran off to do something else...
Rhoades: Maybe our family is not into watching fish. We did not find this fascinating, but maybe it works for those who like aquariums. I know when we had one no one rembered to feed the fish and they all died.


Kettle and Tea Set
By Per Simmon Grove

Light: We never were hooked tea, but now we are! This is a superb gift for the Sim who has everything!
Kidman:This tea set was very nice. It gave me some more energy and it looks very nice, although it's a little old fashioned with steam coming out of it!
Rhoades:I enjoyed the tea service. It was a nice change from all that coffee and expresso. I would recommend it as a gift. My husband made tea several times during the two days we were testing the gifts, and I used it too.


Moon Lamp
By dincer hepguler

Kidman:This was one of Tori's favorites. "I like shiny things. This is a really, really, really shiny lamp too!"
Rhoades:I like unusual things and this man in the moon light is a gift I would like myself. I would recommend it to your friends who like unique items. I know if I got one as a gift I would use it.
Light: A very decorative lamp, but we found it too shiny. Kids loved it at first sight, but we found it a bit expensive for a child's room.


Austrian Village Set
by Viskamiro at Viskamiro's Sims

Kidman:My whole family loved this toy! It's very cute and fun. It's perfect for a kid's Christmas present.
Light: Very nice toy, and the good thing is that we all could play, including adults. It would have deserved max score if it wasn't for one of the houses getting on the nerves of Pale.
Rhoades: This was really great!  Our whole family enjoyed this gift and it was a lot of fun and provided social interaction which is so important in modern homes where everyone is doing their own thing. My husband and I enjoyed playing it together, and Kristina and James would play after school before dinner. Definitely a gift that the whole family will enjoy over and over again!