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What Magazine do you read?
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May 10 2003, Marianna Jesetecy, ...
In my family we read just about ever magazine in the range. I personally am a
fan of Victor's Digest and I have a collection of every issue, except Issue 16 (I am searching for it on SimNet). My husband, Richard Ricardo, works in SIMular, a big company in our neighbourhood, so natrually he reads the Avirax. My teenage daughter, Sarah reads Livin' Large and my teenage son, Brad reads Maximumsim. My youngest daughter Jennifer-Marie reads Whooo!No!
Apr 6 2003, Kathryn Marlin, ...
I buy a WhooNoo! weekly as I adore fashion and style. Kathryn Marlin - Mother of 2 , CEO.
Oct 25 2002, VinnieTackett, ...
Mine is Livin' Large I love the sixties. In fact now that it's 1976 I miss them a lot.
Oct 06 2002, Louisa, Soleville
I read Victor's Digest weekly. It's perfect for relaxing after a busy day at work.
You can't hide behind your Magazine
October 06, 2002 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

Tell me what Magazine you prefer to read, and I will immediately know what kind of Sim you are! The Magazine we choose to read most often reflects our personality.

October 1st Simmerville residents will get easier access to downtown stores, which will bring a new experience not the least because of the many magazines available there. We all have our individual interests, and we already feed it from reading books and the newspaper or watching TV, or even by purchasing specific items to make the home reflect our personality.

Simmerville has now got a good deal with SimCity Cab Co. who has transported Sims for years, mainly between the many neighbourhoods and the various downtown locations. Sims located near downtown have been reading the magazines for years already, and well, the oldest of them, "Victor's Digest", has actually been published ever since 1911. It's obvious that we in Simmerville have missed something, although none of us are old enough to remember Victor's very first issue.

Depending on your interests you can pick from 5 different Magazines. Are you a sports freak, a trendy party animal (like me), do you like it best at home, or are you a rather serious Sim? There's something for you no matter who you are! I've had the pleasure of reading some of the magazines, and here's my personal analysis:


Show me a Sim who doesn't watch TV! Most of us do, and it obviously gives a great interest in movies and news about actors and upcoming films. WhooNoo!!! brings you the hottest gossip, but also some in depth interviews showing how great persons those famous acting Sims actually are. This magazine also gives you the coolest trends for make-up and clothing, fashion for both men and women included, and in each issue they bring a new story about how one Sim who was transformed from a grey mouse into becoming a trendy Sim. I love that stuff! They also have quite a lot to read if you need help with your relations, the WhooNoo!!! might save more than one romance in Simmerville this October!

If you hide behind WhooNoo!!! I think you are a rather curious Sim, happy to pass on gossip, you might even be more concerned about your neighbour's life values than of your own. You like to be included and you most likely have many friends, but there's a chance most of your friendships are more distant than you realize. You are the kind of Sim who like to be cool, but you are depending on copying others' coolness, as you are not able to create your own style. You get a lot of inspiration from watching TV. You probably apply for a job because of the pay check, the nice uniform and the trendy carpool, while the job itself doesn't interest you much. You love to go downtown, to see who's there and to hear the latest gossip. You will probably hang out on a busy bar or shop, or even a crowded fast food restaurant, although you will never see any real celebrities there.

Livin' Large

If you are a trendy and popular Sim devoted to the post-urban culture, this is it! It shouldn't surprise anyone that this is my favourite; Livin' Large really adds to my knowledge and interest concerning trends and gossip about the SimCity celebrities such as Drew Carey, major cultural happenings like exhibitions, theatre and movie openings, as well as it's great section about music trends and portraying new Sim musicians who might hit the stars before you can learn to spell their name. Don't miss the retro section, which seems to be a growing column; here you will find all the cool hippie stuff from the 60's that will be the talk of the next party - if you miss this out, everyone will know you live a wanna-be life far away from the spot lights. This is not where you find your horoscope, instead the magazine is packed with advertisements for all the trendy things you might consider buying either downtown or from the regional catalogue. I think while WhooNoo!!! is more for the passive Sim who like to read without really getting involved, Livin' Large is more for the active and participating Sim who know the trends from inside, and who doesn't leave the party early.

If you hide behind Livin' Large, I would say you are a modern and individual Sim, with a strong integrity and your own style - if not solid yet, it's at least building. You like to be in control of your life, you like to fill your home with the new and trendy stuff, you drink espresso at least twice a day, you never do the dishes or the garden, but hire a maid and gardener. You are the focus of your life, even if you care for your family, there will always be a part of your mind reserved only your ego, in a positive way. You most likely will not settle with a job lower than level 6, and your house is either huge, or you took the time to decorate the garden, mainly for impressing the neighbours because you hardly spend time outdoor except from your barbecue parties and when you swim in your pool. Going downtown is a must for you, not because you care about who's there, but you like the urban feeling. You most likely eat on expensive restaurants and hang out in trendy clubs, they can even be quiet because occasionally you need the atmosphere more than the crowd, and well - you wouldn't mind if the other Sims spread the news about your new hang out which would become the new trendy place right away.

The Avarix

Are you a grey mouse? Do you like to read about financial news, the stock market, SimCity First Trust Bank Inc.'s financial forecasts, taxes and labour calyces, political scandals, the house values and the SimNation Government's latest decisions? Want to read about the Sim Teacher Alliance's latest report from high school education systems, computer technology, taxes, and pages full of numbers that are not even sorted? If so, then this SimNation awarded magazine is perfect for you. It looks like a very serious magazine based on a long tradition, and with an impressive list of professors writing for them, too.

If you hide behind The Avarix, I think you are happy with rather few friends, you might work in an office, and you don't care about having a large home or making an impression on your neighbours. But you might still be an interesting Sim because you will be updated on the financial, political or technology subjects, a great quality for those into that. Your community spirit might be strong, too, although you often watch the fun aspects of it from a distance. You probably are a rare guest downtown, if you go there in the first place you will look for a quiet café or a book store where you can read and not need to communicate with a lot of strangers all the time.

Victor's Digest

Easy reading about family values that are essential to most of us; food, weather and sports. The stuff which remind you of a typical brief neighbourly conversation across the fence. Clean journalism which has brought this magazine several awards, few scandals or celebrity stuff here, except for the sports section which looks like a very serious coverage. And in case you are not really into sports, there's always some handsome athlete's pictures to look at, for instance the Llama's All Stars. This magazine is a safe buy if your household counts several adults, because everyone will find something of interest, at least for one brief reading, or to check out the pictures or the weather forecast. I was a bit disappointed to the poor coverage of trendy food, but if Victor's Digest has presented old traditional food since 1911, why should they switch to sushi and raw Llama droodles in 2002, already. Maybe in 2011.

If you hide behind Victor's Digest, I'd say you are a typical Sim, a Sim who is rather simple in your thinking, but still quite happy if your home is equipped with a refrigerator, a TV, a shower and toilet, and a bed. You enjoy spending time in your average home, you might have a partner and a couple kids, you are most likely to get a pet too. You like gardening, perhaps you spend some time outdoor, but a swimming pool never really appealed to you. You do not hire a gardener unless your work schedule forces you to do so. You like to invite your neighbours over for some food or gossip, but you prefer a couple guests at the time, and not to throw a party which you find too stressful. You might still sleep in the bed you bought when you first moved into the neighbourhood, and probably your kitchen counter and appliances are the same, too. Money is not the problem, because you hardly spend them. You mainly go downtown because it might bring a new experience into your everyday-looks-the-same life, to meet a friend or simply to relax on any location for recreation. Nobody will recognize you because you don't have a favourite hang out.


Are you into exercising, body building, health care, outdoor camping, national parks and vacations; then this magazine is your choice! They have many articles about how to gain body points, but also on how to make your body perform better during a hectic day at work. I also found an article about the Guinea Pig Disease quite interesting. Lots of advise here, and not all of them are meant for body fanatics only. Maxsimum's content is interesting although it will not keep me from joining any party just in order to practising their advise, but you might be more active physically than me. Even if you are not that active, you can enjoy the beautiful photo reports from mountains as well as diving, and there's always a vacation hotel recommendation to pay attention to. And with some luck, you might even get inspired to start a better life - tomorrow.

If you hide behind Maxsimum, I know you are a healthy Sim, both in your body and mind. But perhaps you also appear as a bit boring to others, because most of your interests include nobody but yourself. You like to have a clear goal for each of your projects, like you wouldn't bother to start a new friendship unless your job requires it. You wouldn't bother to fall in love unless your plan is to build a family. You wouldn't bother to buy a new furniture or painting either, unless you already know where to put it. Neighbours think of you as a solid rock, they don't realize how right they are because you can hardly move, unless it is part of your plan. You might get impulsive though, but it happens very rarely, and normally as a result of some idea or pattern you already have worked on for some time. If you go downtown you prefer physical activity and fresh air, although you can also enjoy a better restaurant.

* * *

Well, you got my point now? If I find you sitting on a bench reading, and you don't want me to recognize you when I suddenly appear, you can of course try to hide your face behind your magazine. But from seeing that magazine, I will see what kind of Sim you are anyway.