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SUN has a new Core Group
September 22, 2002 (modified Sep25) - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

Sims United Neighbourhoods (SUN) has become a great success, with almost daily registrations from neighbourhoods wanting to join the network. Septemer 1st the very first SUN Core Group was founded.

The SUN core group is to be reorganized every 3 months, and the first group will be active for the period September, October and November. The core's obligation is to develope SUN further, according to the members' wishes.

The first core group consists of the spokespersons for 10 out of the 22 members. This alone shows a solid interest in this network's future. The core group members are (in random order): Jeffries Garret (Arcadia), Cari Soong (Dramaville), Gabriella Riker-Emerson (Sakura Grove), Grace Cranani (Sim City Heights), Helena Farron (Sim Dale), George Phillip Martin (Simmerset), Simbille Ballong (Simmerville), Lita Dumas (Simmington-on-the-Wrye), Missy Teatoro (Simousaint) and Nilla Craema (Sunset Meadows).

The membership belongs to the neighbourhood, not the spokesperson.

You can read about the SUN here.

Why do they want to join the SUN Core Group?
Below I have asked some of the new core group members the following questions:

1. One thing that is special for your neighbourhood
2. One thing that is typical for any SimCity neighbourhood
3. What is your (neighbourhood's) goal for contributing to SUN?
Gabriella Riker-Emerson (29), Executive Assistant, married, one daughter, SUN spokesperson for Sakura Grove.

1. The influence of the generation of young adults in our town. This influence has brought a little bit of fresh air to our neighborhood and everyone seems to enjoy this.
2. To me, it seems like every neighborhood's population is made up of different types of people, like kids, parents, party animals, flirts, etc.
3. We hope to meet new people in other neighborhoods and to see how other Sims like us live in those neighborhoods.
Missy Teatoro (23), single, no kids, works in the hacker business, SUN spokesperson for Simousaint.

1. Well........our neighborhood is large enough to be a small city in itself, but small enough to have a really closeknit relashinship.
2. Hm, thats a hard one, I'd suppose....families! :)
3. My neighborhood is looking forward to just..........being there for support......our goal is to.....well......... give happiness.
Helena Farron (30), married to Jim, 2 daughters, works as a Wedding Singer. SUN spokesperson for Sim Dale.

1. Sim Dale is the kind of neighbourhood where everyone knows each other and is very peaceful and tranquil.
2. I think all Sim City neighbourhoods are friendly, interesting, and share a felling of somewhat isolation.
3. To meet other people and form new links with other neighbourhoods.
Simbille Ballong (38), single, no children, works as a teacher and scientist, SUN spokesperson for Simmerville.

1. Compared to another neighbourhood where I lived for the past 5 months, I must say the community spirit is rather strong in Simmerville, but hopefully that is pretty common?
2. Packed with creative and skilled Sims, but naturally each Sim will find just a few neighbours sharing interests. I think many Sims would like to communicate with other Sims based on interests rather than geography.
3. We are so many individuals contributing, and I believe the goals are just as many. Personally I think the main goal is a two way thing; residents of each contributing neighbourhood should grow from contributing to SUN, and from receiving from what other members put into SUN. A richer existence might be the common goal.
George Phillip Martin (20), single, works in Journalism career track. SUN spokesperson for Simmerset.

1. I believe that my neighborhood is special because of the way we Sims pull together and try to help each other out.  It is a small neighborhood but all of the residents of Simmerset have at least some contact with each other and many are close friends.
2. I think all Sim neighborhoods have basically the same problems and opportunities. Every family has the need to earn money keep jobs, and the aspiration to a better life for their family and to socialize and make friends.
3. To learn more about other Sim neighborhoods and be able to share information.
Lita Dumas (27), single with boyfriend, lives with my sister's family. SUN spokesperson for Simmington-on-the-Wrye.

1. Simmington is a  tranquil English village, a small close knit community with a strong bond with each other.
2. All  neighbourhoods have a mix of people, making them all individual.
3. To improve contact with other neighbourhoods and expanding our view of the Sim World.