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Feb 04 2003, from: JessicaLee, ...
My best advice is : don't build a 2nd floor until you've got 3 people living in your house and always start your life on your own or with your partner (or a friend) maximum ! You can't satisfy 8 people on a 20.000 § budget !
July 26 2003, from: holly.hickey, ...
Don’t marry before moving in. This is the best advice for poor beginners, move in next to each other, one person needs only a table with a telephone, and could live on a fairly expensive lot. The other needs to build (or buy) a small house – 1 bath, 1 bedroom and a combined living/dining/kitchen – usually available unfurnished for about 10-12000 simoleans, building and furnishing for two persons will bring the investment close to 18000 – do not spend more than this. You will need a small capital to invite your intended out, at least you will if there is a taxi service in your neighbourhood Buy a computer and get the job you like best of the three offers. Sell it again before midnight as you will not have time to play. Spend all your free time with your neighbour building the relationship, if possible get a workbench and produce gnomes to give him or her. In a few days you will be able to convince gim/her to move in or get married and all your money worries will be over. It is a good idea if you and your new housemate both get new jobs, this will make coordinating meals easier and thus be good for your relationship. After gaining level 4 or 5 in your career is soon enough to have children, and by then you can afford to move to a larger house or extend the old one. If you decide to move out immedeately following the wedding, the house will be a magnet for other young and not so young singles who want to move into your neighbourhood.
July 26 2003, from: amelia freeland, sim lane 35
Well if your low on dosh get the essential things friege cooker bed chair tv see how mutch u have left and by one or two little  things to keep happy.
June 9 2003, from: holly.hickey, ...
Decorate your house with the cheap stuff, and stuff that will stay in the house i.e wallpapers, chairs, lights and floors, then when you are hungry, buy the expensive stuff, because you should have quite a bit left from the 20,000 you started with. After you're finished with it, sell it and because you've had it under a day, you will get a full refund.
May 6 2003, from: Abi, ...
One great way to save money when you first move out of your parents house, is to buy a tiny plot of land that costs about 3500 simolions. Then you build a square house and fill it with really cheap furniture. And finally, you get the first job you come accross, but carry on looking for the job I want. Then, as your funds go up, you can convert your room into a proper house with nice furniture.
Apr 15 2003, from: Kathryn, ...
When I moved into my house I had only abut 200 simoleans. But I loved to paint so I made a small fourtune painting until I got a job.
Mar 2 2003, from: Dana, ...
When I first moved to Led Poison Street, I was so poor until I got a job. I got fired last week, now I have to plant veggies and sell them to that Gardener Bob dude. I still wish I have showed a little respect to Bob and bought his plant tonic.
Feb 28 2003, from: Ben, ...
When i move into a house, especially a house that's like 19,000 simoleans, i just use the room closest to the entrance of the house (and of course, a bathroom)  until i can get a job.

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When funds are low
August 20, 2002 - by Mr. Findson

You just moved into the neighbourhood, got your small house built, and then you realize that all funds are spent, and you have not even bought all the facilities you will need! Here's some advice on how you can manage through a period with low funds.

Most of us have experienced the day when we are forced to look over our household budget, or even worse; to sell off some of our belongings in order to buy food or pay bills. To many this is a shame socially, but you should know that most families have gone through this before you. And, they made it - so can you!

There are many reasons why such a situation might occur; unforeseen occasions might force you to replace some items, or you just moved in and need a lot of things. Some families spend all day watching the phone, because with some luck a phone call can add greatly to any household's account. But there are many other ways to find your way economically.

When moving in or building a new room, always keep in mind that you don't need to fill the room right away. Start with the most essential items for that specific room. If it's a bedroom, get a bed and eventually a bedside table and alarm clock, before you start thinking of decor and additional furniture. You don't even need a lamp in the bedroom unless you plan to use the room for other things such as reading. If so, you can even bring a lamp from one of the other rooms for those rare needs.

If you can't afford the trendy furniture, stick with the cheap stuff for a while. A simple table is just as useful as an expensive, although it might not match your ideals, or give the same score to the room. The same goes for wallpapers and floors, they can be replaced when your account allows it, especially if the room is large. There's no use in impressing your neighbours if you can't serve them a meal.

Buy the cheapest toilet, and remember to flush it to save some hundred Simoleons by avoiding the service bill of at least §50.

Multi usage
Think double use of most of the furniture. A desk can be used as a dining table for 2 persons, and the dining chairs can be moved from the dining room to the tv set, serving double. If you can't afford a bed for each household member, consider to use a love seat or recliner which is much cheaper and also serves as seating. If you have a large (4 or 6 tiled) dining table, you can use half of it for kitchen appliances, and still several sims can eat at it. That saves you from 2 kitchen counter items.

Another way to get around, is to have half the seats and beds you need, and make sure that your household members eat and sleep at different times, using the same furniture. This works better if adults works at different hours. A bed is needed for about 8 hours per day, meaning that one bed can actually serve 3 individuals, at least for a period.

If you have a really really tiny house, you can even move away the furniture not in use; not by selling them cause then you would lose money if you need to buy them again. For instance the single beds can be placed along the living room wall, occupying only one floor tile width. The sofa can then be placed against the bed, hiding it. At night you will simply move the sofa to access to the bed(s).

Make sure always to serve group meals even if you are alone, or only a couple household members. Don't serve until you are very hungry, then eat two portions, and about 7 hours after the meal was served, either eat again, or grab plates without eating, and the food will last longer. In that way one groupmeal (§20) can last for the entire day for 2-3 household members.

Do keep neighbours out of the kitchen, or put the group meal somewhere they can't reach it. It's easy to lock a room by placing a trash can and a chair to block the door. A trash can should also be placed in front of the fridge, eventually the fridge can be flipped, to avoid children eating snack all day long. A snack is only §5, but if you have 2 kids eating constantly, it can soon become §50 wasted per day.

A micro wave is cheaper than a stove, but you will need to eat more meals per day. If you can make a group meal last for a full day, this should not be a problem though. A micro wave is also taking up less space, as it can be placed on any table at all, even on your bedside table if needed.

You will of course be working, or at least 1 Sim will bring home some money. If that one has got a minimum of education, you might earn extra money by switching career quite often. The promotion bonus you will get paid is not very large for the first levels, but it's normally a lot more than a regular pay check.

Try to avoid a full day off from work when switching careers. You can increase your income by switching job right after you returned back home, if you then get a job working night shift (i.e. security).

You can work at home by painting and selling your work. It requires that you buy an easel, but you will earn back the cost after just 5-6 days. If you have talented children, they might earn a little money by painting, too, but we recommend that they get their own easel.

Taxes and bills
Did you know that Social Services do support families having children? You don't get paid the money, but your taxes are reduced with a certain amount, something you will notice when paying your bills. The more children, the more support from us. So, children is definitely a good thing - even when funds are low.

Nevertheless, bills must be paid. Do not pay them right away, put them aside for at least one week. Avoid keeping more than 2 sets of bills though, and always remember where you put them. If the Collection Department arrives, they will take any object covering your debts, and their repossessing will normally be worth more than you should pay.

If you are forced to sell off some of your belongings in order to pay bills, sell off what you bought most recently. Most items' value are reduced daily after you buy them, but if you had them for a long time they might have reached their minimum value. That means there's nothing more to lose if you keep them. If you keep a recently bought item, it will continue to lose worth daily if you keep it. If you sell it, you might do the right thing, depending on how much you need the item.

Social Services' best offer - get what you need for free!
Our contributions are greater than you might believe, most Sims don't seem to know that we have a special service in order to help those with a low budget. You are always allowed to borrow any item you might want to buy, for the rest of that day, and if you return it during the same day, you will get all your money back. This means you can borrow whatever you like at any time - if you have a mood crises, you can borrow a super tv or 3D glasses etc. for some hours. If you feel like playing chess you can borrow a chess table for some hours, without paying anything. Even if you forget to return the item you borrowed, and return it the day after, the charge is often only 20% of the full price.

The catch is that to use this service, you will need to pay a full deposit, so in other words, you will need some cash.

It's theoretically possible to use this service for most of your household items, but you will get tired of borrowing every single item, and besides, you would surely forget to return some items over time. This service is perfect for your short term needs, and normally some economically crises will last for a limited period.