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Sim scientists breaking out
July 27, 2002 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

For some while the Sims Science has operated very closely with the SimCity Social Services on the SimLOOK project and community surveys. Due to intricate circumstances, they had to split up.

Sims Science's spokes person, Claire Brybrey, is busy these days. She is the head of a successful organization, and besides working on the group's many projects, she is also the one who meets the press and who keep in touch with their sponsors. Recent events have made her job a little more complicated.

I was allowed to meet her in her office at the SC Social Services' main division in SimCity, downtown. The location could hardly have been worse, because her current employer actually is the one causing her problems concerning Sims Science these days. 

Social Services used to be Sims Science's main sponsor on the SimLOOK project, now they has withdrawn, stating they will no longer be associated with the project. How will this effect Sims Science and it's projects?

- Well, we strongly depended on their support economically, and will of course be forced to look for other sponsors to keep the SimLOOK project running. The project is special because it is our largest, and costs rather much. The house is built and the account is covering it's daily needs such as food and eventually to replace repossessed items. But there is also a studio here in SimCity where we need to pay technicians and rent all the cameras and such, to be able to follow the development inside the SimLOOK house.

Is there any chance the project must be closed?

- Not really, but it might get seriously delayed, due to the circumstances.

The main reason why SCSS withdrew from your main project, is the situation at the SimLOOK house. They state there is too much violence making it difficult for them to support it. I've heard there is an anti science group under establishing, FSAS. Has this group anything to do with SCSS' decision?

- Not as far as I know, but I am aware that group's founder, Ms Moulino, did ask for a meeting with SCSS. I do not know whether that meeting ever took place, I would naturally not have been invited.

You, and also several others involved with the Sims Science are employees at the SCSS, how will the new situation effect your jobs?

- Most of us have already signed out from SCSS, we would not be able to relay to the situation, being loyal to our employer during days, and turning our back to it in the evenings. I will leave my job as soon as other arrangements can be done. Also Mr. McStoticks and Bertha Fairweld will quit their jobs shortly in order to give 100% of themselves to science.

How about the surveys that Mr. McStoticks used to run here on the Simmerville web site. Will they go on?

- Of course they will. In fact, Mr. McStoticks always did those surveys with Sims Science's support although he worked at the SCSS, and he has now officially joined Sims Science.

Being the web master of Simmerville web site, depending on contributions from both the Sims Science and the Social Services, it's hard for me to applaud either party's move in this case. But, given the situation, and if Sims Science manage to raise enough funds for their projects, I get the impression that their break out from SimCity Social Services might turn out to something positive in the long run.