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Meet other Sims on the SUN bulletin boards
Updated on July 21, 2002 - by Simbille Ballong

Do you miss a way to communicate with other Sims? SUN offers 3 bulletin boards where Sims can discuss subjects related to their everyday life, careers or even for dating. SUN

Being the only Sim of your neighbourhood with a job within a certain career, might feel sort of lonely. Or maybe you have a weird feeling that there are smarter ways to treat your guests, or how to equip your home to live a more comfertably everyday. Or - perhaps you would like to date other Sims on the web?

All these options have now been made possible to residents of SUN contributing neighbourhoods, as SUN has opened 3 bulletin boards for their members. Staying in touch with Sims even outside your own neighbourhood will no doubt add to your Sim life, and perhaps you can help out other Sims, too:) We all have made some experiences that might be valuable to others.

Not a SUN member yet? Inform your neighbourhood's spokes person about SUN, and maybe you will be posting on the boards in a couple days already! It's of course totally free of charge to become a SUN member, all it takes is to register at least 3 of your active households, to get a full membership which is needed to get access to the bulletin boards.

Please check out the SUN for more details and information on it's many contributing neighbourhoods.

NOTE: Our bulletin boards are to be used by Sims and not by humans who think that The Sims is just another computer game!