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Safe Circles from SimSit
July 7, 2002 - by Simbille Ballong

2 new end tables from SimSit. You might already have seen the red one which is used in the SimLOOK house. Get your own copy today!

I ought to apologize for not creating and making available more furniture lately. This spring I promised to release many new end tables in April. Many of them have been created, but is still undergoing testing. Because of the ongoing SimLOOK project taking place on my lot #4 in Simmerville, I had to move to a neighbourhood near by, and in Slummerville I have spent much of my time on the SUN network and the SimLOOK project.

Anyways, I've now added two more items to my sortiment. The red and yellow SafeCircle end tables. They are different and adds to the room, either used as bedside tables or in a livingroom. Because they are round, they also works great in smaller rooms because they appear to take up less floor. The red one has been seen in the SimLOOK house since the project started in April, now you can get your own safe copy!

You might wonder why they are called "Safe"? I'm not sure, but I thought that word would point that even if these tables are tiny, anything you put on them will be just as safe as if you use a larger table. Hm, or maybe I just forgot why they got their name:)