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As of September 29 2002, the investment product has been upgraded, now including a risk! Go to SimSit at the STUFF section to get your financial adventure started!

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Where to put your savings
June 22, 2002 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

The currently most trendy items among Simmerville households are the SimInvest certificates provided by SimCity First Trust Bank, Inc. With some extra savings, within a week you can earn money easily!

When Simmerville residents got the Invest offer in their mail, some hesitated; the offer sounded too good to be true. Could such an investment really pay off? Wasn't there any chance to fail big time, losing all the money invested?

A few households with some spare money, accepted the offer right away. They invested in the Sim Account and the Sim Invest Silver, but hardly anyone dared to put §10.000 in this new product, which is the cost of the Sim Invest Gold. The other optional investments cost §1.250 and §5000.

After some days, they realized that their investment actually paid off, but each investment gave a slightly different interest, which made people hold back their applause. The interest depends on how well the Sim Industry is doing at the time, and each of the certificates are based on various stock registered companies. Another reason to the hold back is the fact that the investor is charged a quite large fee the day after the investment is made, meaning that if they change their mind and sell the certificate, they would lose money. To gain any profit, the investor must wait for 5-7 days for the certificate's worth to increase, and from the day the worth is again the same as the cost, all interests are pure profit.

After the wait, the Sim Invest pays off only §50 a day, while the Gold investment is guaranteed to pay off §1.000 a day. The investor can release the profit only by selling the certificate, and the winning grows bigger for each day they can afford to wait.

Nowadays, most households have jumped onto this product, and the various certificates can be found in nearly all Simmerville households. The only reported risk is that when the certificate, which hangs on the wall, reaches a certain amount, it might attract burglars. A few times the burglar did get away with it all, but normally the owner will at least get refunds when the burglar gets caught. The largest risk is if the certificate is stolen less than a week after the investment was made.

The Sim Invest certificates are made available by SimSit, and if you want to try them out you will find them here.