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SUN is growing - a few changes
Updated on May 24, 2002 - by Simbille Ballong

Almost daily we receive applications from neighbourhoods wanting to join the SUN (Sims United Neighbourhoods). Latest additions are Simmonet, Centerville, Simmington-on-the-Wrye, Sim District, Sea Shore Cove and Simsville. SUN

Each SUN member's presentation has been slightly adjusted, now including more details on each household, such as how many days since move-in, size of house and net worth. For most current members these details have not been collected yet. In the future there might be even more facts added, which will be decided by a future board group.

Forming of a new board group has dragged out, mainly because the temporary group, all residents of Simmerville, have been busy with other matters lately. We promise to go on with the SUN plans pretty soon, though. A few changes have already be done:

New rule added
From now on all SUN members must have at least 3 households. We have received several registrations from neighbourhoods with just one house, some even established the day before they apply for a membership. The SUN network is not meant to be a list of brand new neighbourhoods, as the submitted information most likely would be outdated very soon. We all know that when a neighbourhood is brand new the changes are on high speed. Instead we want the neighbourhoods to be well established before they register for SUN., i.e. minimum 3 households must have been around for at least 10 simdays each. We will not claim this to be required for now (too many rules never was a good thing), but we will require 3 or more households per neighbourhood.

Registration requires password
The registration form has been adjusted, as the registration now is split into two operations. A new SUN member must first sign up as a member, and then they will receive a SUN ID. The ID is needed for registering households and to update their information later on. The ID will also make it possible for us to add future member features.

Please check out the SUN for more details and information on it's contributing neighbourhoods.