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May survey:
House standards
May 20, 2002 - by Mr. McStoticks

May survey focuses on the standards and facilities of SimCity households. We want to learn about the typical home, and you are welcome to submit no matter where you live. Your neighbourhood doesn't need to be a SUN member.

It's important that you answer all questions on the same day, because for our analysis they will effect each other. Only one submission per household. All fields are required.

Submissions will be accepted as long as this web form is available (early June).

Your (Sim) name: 

Your mail address (optional) 

Your neighbourhood's name: 

Number of households in your neighbourhoods

Total number of adults in your household: 

Total number of children in your household: 
(including babies) 

Days since your household's move-in:

Your household's total income per day:
(from work and home business, selling furniture etc not included):

Your household's Net Worth:
(incl work and home business. Selling furniture etc not included):

How large (Square Feet) is your house?

How many rooms (completely seperated by walls)? 

How many stories/floors? 

If 2 stories; how many staircases? 

How many bedrooms (room with 1 or more beds)? 

How many kids per kids' bedroom? 

How many bathrooms (room with toilet/shower/tub)? 

How many persons can sit and watch TV at the same time?
(if you don't have a TV type "0")

How large (number of floor tiles) is your kitchen?
(Hint: hold shift and put on a new §1 floor to see the count. Build temp walls if needed)

How many windows in your kitchen? 

How many windows in your entire house? 
(windows between two rooms not included) 

How many entrances (doors) to you house? 

How many paintings/posters worth more than §500?
(Sim Invest certificates not included) 

How many fireplaces in your house? 

How many phones in your house? 

What room gives the lowest room score?
(coridors/hallways not included)

Click here to submit your registration. The survey results will be available on the Simmerville web in June 2002.

Thank you!