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More neigbourhoods joining SUN
Updated on May 15, 2002 - by Simbille Ballong

Wow - SUN gets many new registrations, today 3 new members are welcomed, but there are many more to be added over the next week. If you recently submitted, please be patient.

None of the current members have their own web site, which we expected some of them to have. The SUN presentations are of limited content, bat was intended to be more an index with links to more local information. The SUN also is manually updated, so we can't open up for frequent updates of each member's information.

Even so, we will try to adjust the content of the presentations, and make it easier for each neighbourhood to maintain their information.

To stay within the SUN concept, please note that your neighbourhood's contact must be one of the Sims living there. Also, due to limited updates on each presentation; avoid registering a household that has not settled yet.

Please check out the SUN and it's contributing neighbourhoods.