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Name: John
Age: 31
Astro: Cancer
Personality: Well balanced, no extreme sides at all.

Name: Quentin
Age: 34
Astro: Virgo
Personality: Extremely neat, rather mean, a bit shy.
Name: Arthur
Age: 25
Astro: Sagittarius
Personality: Extreme slob, a bit active and a bit nice.
Name: Magdalena
Age: 27
Astro: Leo
Personality: Extremely outgoing, quite a slob, and a bit lazy.
Name: Sonia
Age: 33
Astro: Gemini
Personality: Extremely active and mean, quite a slob and outgoing.
Name: Rita
Age: 32
Astro: Virgo
Personality: Extremely shy, quite serious, a bit nice.
Name: Agnes
Age: 37
Astro: Libra
Personality: Extreme slob, lazy and playful, quite outgoing.
Name: Rasputiz
Age: 41
Astro: Aries
Personality: Extremely serious, quite lazy, quite a slob and mean.

The house is 5436 sq.ft. and includes 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

All photos were taken before the 8 participants moved in, and minor changes can have been done after the pictures were taken. More pictures will be published in the reports every 5th Sim day.

Click thumbs for a larger view.
Ground floor:
Dining room
FUN room
Sports room
Toilets & showers N/A
Top floor:
Double bedroom
White bedroom
Bedroom balconies
Aquarium bedroom
Pink bedroom N/A
Terrace N/A
Hallway / atrium N/A
Bathroom N/A


Sim Watch: 8 Sims, 1 house, 50 days
April 14, 2002 - by Claire Brybrey at SimCity Social Services

Here they are; the 8 participants to "The Sim Watch" project, starting this Monday, ongoing for 50 Sim days. You can even have a look inside their new home. Can you predict the result?

On Day1 (April 15th) at 7AM the 8 individuals move into a house where they have never been before. All the household members are strangers to each other. At midnight on Day50 "The Sim Watch" will close, and with some luck all 8 participants will still be alive. Perhaps have some of them fallen in love, and perhaps will some of them be better skilled than when they left home. Every 5th Sim day the scientists will report from the Sim Watch house, telling us what each of the 8 participants have been doing, as well as commenting on growing relationships and their mood and health situation in general.

Each of the 8 participants are unique, most of them even extreme in one way or another. Who will become friends? Who will dislike each other? Who will be earning the most skills during the project? How many fires will they start? Any fights?

During 50 days these Sims will be living exactly the way they want, only interrupted and adjusted by actions and reactions within the household. Social relations will grow, love and hate included.

To the left on this page you'll find a brief presentation on each of the 8 participants, that's all you will get to know before the project starts. Further down in the left side column, you will even find pictures from the most rooms in the 2 storied house. By reading the 10 reports as they are published every 5 Sim days, you will learn more about the participants and you will see pictures whenever there is something to report.

Contest - Predict Day50
It's easier to predict than you might think. Just scroll through the presentations to the left on this page, check their astrological sign and personality, as well as their outfit further down on this page to get a rough impression on who they are. We don't know their interests yet, only their face, personality and what clothes they are wearing. Then reply on the 12 questions below. You won't have to answer all the questions to attend the contest, but the more answers the higher possible score. Each correct answer gives 2 points, on question 4 and 5 you can score 4 points if you pick the correct couples. Max score will be 28 points. If more than one person get full score, the one submitting first will win. 

By participating to this contest you are helping the scientist team to verify and adjust their theories and expectations. The deadline is April 21st, meaning you you will be allowed to read the 1st report (Day 1-5, released aprox. April 18th) before you send in your final prediction. If you chose to send your prediction before the 1st report is available, you can still send in your adjusted submission, as long as you use the same nick and e-mail address. We will then cancel your previous prediction(s), if any. If you forget to fill in your nick/name and e-mail address, your sumbitted form will be cancelled.

The prize - in addition to fame - is that you will be invited to join as one of the 8 participants for the next "Social Watch". Wouldn't it be exciting to see how well *you* would manage in this company with 7 extreme strangers?:) You might even be the "star" of our next "The Sim Watch" project! This will all be discussed with the winner.

In addition those submitting the best 5 predictions will win a "Sim Watch" T-shirt! (skin)

Ok, here we go. There are 12 questions, all of them referring to the project's Day50 at 11:59PM.

Deadline was April 21st, and
the web form was removed April 22nd
We received 21 predictions

A - John B - Quentin C - Arthur D - Magdalena E - Sonia F - Rita G - Agnes H - Rasputiz

Free will and egoism?
Only for a few occasions will the science team take control. None of these actions are supposed to interfere with the Sim Watch household's social relations, though. The list of scheduled events has been moved to a seperate page.