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April 7, 2002 - by Johanna Grumblin

Are you aware of the particular historical event that gave us the breakfast, lunch and dinner meals? We Sims didn't want to adobt other cultures' meals, but then there was a war...


If your kitchen is poorly equipped, it should take you nearly 40 minutes to prepare each meal, being a group meal or a single meal. If you have a food processor and one of the modern (and expencive) gas stoves, the meal will be prepared in about 25 minutes. I always say that the day I can't find time to prepare my food, I will probably not have time for eating it. But I realize that a good kitchen is to great help for busy Sims, not to speak about larger families who needs to serve a double meal to feed all.

Some ways of improving the food quality is to store your food in a good fridge, prepare it by using good appliances, like a food processor. And finally, a modern stove will never be wasted.

ined for a meal:)