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March survey:
SimCity Culture across neighbourhoods
February 23, 2002 - by Mr. McStoticks

This survey is closed! Please do not waste your time on submitting, your input will not be counted. Please look for the latest survey on the STATS main page.

March survey focuses on Sim City families' knowledge of and relations to other neighbourhoods, and the interest of establishing such ties.

Only one submition per household. All fields are requiered.

Your name

Your age

Neighbourhood's name:

Number of households in your neighbourhoods

Total number of individuals in your neighbourhood
(including babies): 

Total number of individuals in your household
(including babies): 

Days since your move-in:

Your career track:

Your career level:

Your interests:

Do you consider yourself a happy Sim?

How well do you know the Sim culture?

Would you like to learn more about the history, traditions, culture  and future of SimCity, including other neighbourhoods?

Can you name at least one other neighbourhood?
If yes; please write the name here (Simmerville does not count): 

Do you have frequent contact with residents of other neighbourhoods?
(such contact can be via BBS/newsgroup, exchanging self made household items, pen pals etc.)

Would you be interested in forming interest groups across neighbourhoods?

Would you be interested in letting kids of your household correspond with kids of other neighbourhoods (Pen Pals)?
(If you have no kids, pretend you had kids)

Would you be positive if your neighbourhood joined SUN?
(you can read about the Sims United Neighbourhoods here)

Would you like us to contact you again with more info about SUN? If yes, type your email address here:

Click here to submit your registration. The survey results will be available on the Simmerville web in April 2002.

Thank you!