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SimCity neighbourhoods: Join the SUN!
February 18, 2002 - by Simbille Ballong

Simmerville residents want to share experiences and learn about the norms and ideals of the Sim City community at large.

On February 15th 2002 many of the Simmerville neighbourhood residents gathered to discuss how we can achieve more frequent contact with other Sim City neighbourhoods. Although most of us are way too busy to physically visit other neighbourhoods, we can still interact a lot through the web by establishing contact, sharing experiences, forming theme groups and learning about the existing norms and ideals of the Sim City community at large.

Simmerville now invites all neighbourhoods and suburbs to join as members of the Sims United Neighbourhoods (SUN). No charges or obligations involved.

The SUN boardship
Currently the SUN boarder consists of 3 concerned Simmerville residents; SimBille Ballong, Bitchy la Beth Hanssen and Steve Grumblin.

- Simbille Ballong -
Single. Elected as head of the Sims United Neighbourhoods. Works as a Lab Assistant, planning on establishing his own furniture production in Simmerville. Will be having his own section on the Simmerville web site.

- Bitchy la Beth Hanssen -
Married with one daughter. Creative artist, producing wallpapers under the logo BB-design, having her own section on the Simmerville web site. 

- Steve Grumblin -
Working as a Junior Executive, despites his age (64). Married to Johanna, they both plan to retire and to open their own restaurant in Simmerville.

In the future, participating neighbourhoods will involve one representative from each of the SUN participating neighbourhoods. Sims all over Sim City: inform your neighbours and let's unite!

What's in it for your neighbourhood?
Upon registration, you will have to fill in a web form including some essential information on your neighbourhood. Please note that your neighbourhood must have a contact person, eventually 3 concerned residents of your neighbourhood can form a core group, still including one official contact. Your SUN contact can be replaced as often as your neighbourhood wants.

Residents of participating neighbourhoods will benefit from the following:

  • Contributing to gathering information and statistics on the Simmish culture and day-to-day life. This will take you a couple hours monthly, but for the intellectual Sim, this can just as well be a hobby bringing a new meaning into one's life, and a community aspect into your neighbourhood.
  • Be listed on the SUN web page, eventually with a link to your neighbourhood's own web site. NOTE: we're talking neighbourhoods, not families.
  • Your neighbourhood (as a group) will exclusively be asked to participate to SUN's monthly to bi-monthly SimCity wide surveys (individuals normally to be excluded).
  • Your residents (as individuals) can post their experiences and suggestions as following-ups to featured themed articles here on the Simmerville web. In this way most of your residents will find stuff matching their interests. These are not BBS/newsgroups, but static webpages manually maintained by the articles' authors.
  • Any of your neighbourhood's residents are invited to contribute by suggesting subjects for future articles and surveys, or even write your own article.
  • All participating neighbourhoods will be featutred in a SUN banner rotation to be released as soon as we are minimum 5 members. You can even put the banner rotation on your neighbourhood's web site, if you want.
  • In the future there might be formed interest groups where residents of registered SUN members can join.

Please note: The SUN is a volunteerly offer from Sims to Sims, initiated for neighbourhoods and not families or individuals, nor for humans playing The Sims.