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Friday 13th - the movie!
August 13, 2004 - by Mollie MacAstral, clairvoyant

Friends! I had another dream, or was it a movie? Seeing a familiar face, Mr Nervous Subject of Strangetown, experiencing many an accident in a futuristic setting. I think it is a warning!

I can not tell a lie! My dream was a nightmare. Everything went wrong, everything *was* wrong, cause (jing!) it wasn't even me myself there in my dream!  No, it was the "Nervous Subject" of Strangetown. He has a terrible day as a testsim, forced to suffer in the name of science, by the Beaker Family. 

I have heard of Strangetown and its abductions. I wonder if this means that I will ever go there? Which reminds me; this Sunday my abduction article will finally be ready!

Well, you can watch the film for yourself, thanks to these modern movie making features that we all will soon to have. Someday in the future.


My Friday 13th dream   (2.8 MB)