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Recreate a Simmervillian
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Recreate a Simmervillian (2 of 5)
June 30, 2004 - by Claire Brybrey

This Summer you are welcome to recreate 5 Simmervillians - one at the time. Based on interview, private photos and the sim's thoughts about our future, your local Body Shop clinic can now recreate Mollie MacAstral!

Here is Ms Mollie MacAstral, ready for recreation by your local Body Shop clinic! Please check this project's main page for details, deadlines, rules and links to the other 4 Simmervillians. And read about her before you recreate her image.


2. Mollie MacAstral (42)
Ms Mollie MacAstral originally spent some years in the downtown area studying paranormal phenomens before she offered palm readings and more from a car at different Old-Town locations. She became rather famous from her recent work with the Simmish Prophecy. She is clairvoyant and she now works as a psychic phone friend.

Mollie was not born in Simmerville but moved here about 10 years ago. She was born at 6 Muggerville (Cave county) and her parents are Travis MacAstral and Ellie Muggers, both seniors still living at 6 Muggerville together with the widdow after Mollie's only brother, Bernard MacAstral who died 8 years ago.

Mollie's father Travis produced gargoyles, while mother Ellie tried churning butter which never took off. The family was rather poor, renting their home. But they managed from day to day.

Mollie MacAstral: Jing! My dad grew up at 6 Muggerville, and mom probably had her roots there as well, hence her maiden name, Muggers, although she lived Downtown before meetin my dad. Peace! My clairvoyant gift came from my dad's family, he never practiced but his mother was the infamous Joellie Morner MacAstral who made a living from Magic.

Ms MacAstral now lives alone in 56 Simmerville with her 2 black cats, Spot and Lucia. She bought the house (also known as the cat house).

Mollie MacAstral: I dream I could visit my dead brother's 2 kids, Ellie (15) and Timian (8), more often. I never concidered havin my own kids, and I'm definitely not a romantic sim! Might still not be too late, tho. And we should not forget that we are all one large family, including those aliens out there and among us! Yang!

Mollie MacAstral likes new-age, travels and foreign cultures, 60´s, weather and the outdoors. She strongly dislikes money, fashion and huge sim crowds.

Mollie MacAstral: My interests directs me to the inside of myself. The outdoors can be the garden within my heart! Weather reflects my mood and my mind reflections! When I say Jing I certainly don't mean Yang!

One favourite activity is to play with her two cats, Spot and Lucia. They are not as trained as they ought to be, considering Ms MacAstral would like their offspring to pay off better. She also loves going to Old Town to chat with Ms Lucille or to hang out in a dark corner of a gothish build or garden. She finds graveyards to be fascinating, but not worth daily visits.

Mollie MacAstral: I bring the dead sims with me. They can come to me whenever they want. I never turn them down. See the light, feel the strength, go with the aliens! Peace to all!

Thoughts on the future
Ms MacAstral is famous from her work on the old Simmish prophecy. So you might already know how she eagerly await the aliens to visit in order to return a dimension or two.

Mollie MacAstral: I'm not afraid, this will all be perfectly insane no matter how afraid I am! Peace in space, peace in our minds! The aliens must be as eager as we are, it's a pity that the military operation scared them away. I believe they can not rest until they have given us what belongs to us, that dimension. My job is actually done, simanity will remember me for what has been and not for what may come! I am not afraid to die, but first I want to explore those UFOs!

Personality: Emotional, slob, shy, serious.
Astrology: Pisces

Ms MacAstral tends to close her eyes while speaking, a habit she inherited from her father's mother, the infamous magician, Joellie Morner MacAstral.

Skin tone: Medium
Size: Small/Cut
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Aspiration: Knowledge

Click on these private photos to view the larger versions.

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February 5, 2004, by Bimbo NL

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