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Ask the experts

You can send in your baby related questions only when the "Ask the experts" ad is up on the Baby section's main page. The link will be up only a couple weeks between each expert panel meeting, in order to limit the amount of questions. 

Baby care: Ask the Experts
June 17, 2004 - by Ursull S. Swims, Ariosto Monopólio and Cathy Cambelle

We are happy to welcome all you sim parents to our brand new column, Ask the Experts. The panel will debate questions that were sent in by readers. The readers are you, and the experts are... us.

Raising a child is one of life's biggest challenges. There are so much to think of and to be worried about, there are both physical and emotional needs on both the child and parents, and there are all those others keeping an eye on your smallest mistakes. We are here to help you!

Because this is the first round, let's start with a brief introduction of us, the experts.

Ursull Swims (46, from Simmerville), mother of 4, is working as a specialist at the SimCity Children Hospital, occasionally working on baby research at home. Member of Sims Science.

Ariosto Monopólio (34, from Simvale) is assigned medicine and health, he works as a Medical Researcher with babies as main field since 4 years.

Cathy Cambelle (42, from The Waters of Old Town) is assigned family and home, she is a mother of 3, also fostering 2 children. Is currently a stay at home mom.

The sessions will take place at Ursull Swims' home at 79 Simmerville. From a relaxed position with a cup of tea in a comfortable sofa, we hope to give you some good comments.

Ursull Swims: Thank you both for joining me for this concept, I'm particularly glad that we represent three different hoods. We got a nice load of mail for the first expert session, let's start with this one:

Hello, me and my wife are parents of a beautiful baby boy, named Anthony, but because we both have jobs and we need the money, i would like to know how we can hire a good nanny for our son?? we would love to raise our son by our selves but at this point in time we need the help. Thank you for any advice you can give us. 

Ursull S. Swims: I personally think that it would be of great worth to your family if one of you quit your everyday job and stay home with the children. Eventually, the one could work every other day or even start a home business like making preserves or garden gnomes. There is also services like hiring a nanny or butler, but it's a serious thing to leave your child to a stranger. You should at least make sure that the nanny or butler has got great recommendations.

Cathy Cambelle: I use a cradle for my first child, who ended up catching GPD very young, and died. But I agree, don't take the chance of a stranger watching over your child. If you are still insistent, go to Though the baby is only in light skin tone, which is bad for other types of sims.

My husband and I is currently nursing our first baby. It's a boy and his name is Bart. It is of course very tiresome, and my husband had to quit his job. Now we can't wait to see our son leaving the basin. It's already been a couple days, and we live in an area with access to Magic Town. Not sure if that matters. Could we soon expect him to leave babyhood?

Ariosto Monopólio: Dear Mrs. Gobelin, as a doctor, I have to say that no such thing as this Magical Town can ever influence a baby birth or development. As a matter of fact, the Sim Knowledge states, in all our researches in Simvale, that a baby leaves the cradle after three days. Don't worry. You soon you'll see little Bart running around.

Cathy Cambelle: I agree. Magic Town, can not influence a baby, to leave the cradle. Bart should be out of the cradle any day now! 

My name is Betty Newbie, this is my husband Bob and our cat Toffee (we used to have a daughter named Lulu but she was sent to military school for not studying.) Anyway, we have quite a serious question. We had some family friends, they were the Bumblebutt family. The couple already had a little girl named Mary-Josephine, but they decided to have a second child, it was a girl. When their daughter became a child she was black in colour, but her parents were both white, why was this?

Ursull S. Swims: The normal trait would be that the child inherits the skin colour from one of its parents. If the father is light and mother is dark, the child would not become medium, but either light or dark. Adopted children can of course be any of the three skin tones.

Ariosto Monopólio: You see, Mrs. Newbie, that's the problem of our altered genetic system. I assume that will be correct with all those Body Shops Clinics which are currently on business in SimNation.

Dear Experts at Simmerville,
My name is Aimee, and recently I and my husband Colin had a baby son, James. Everything went fine for the first few days with James, but then when he became a child TWO Identical James, came out! I and Colin were stunned! James1 was a normal healthy child, and James2 had a very weird personality of about 2 niceness points, he was mean and odd. Is this a birth defect? I have never heard of it before, nor has Colin. We are worried about our second son, he has problems with other children and school. Can we help him? Can you help us? Thankyou, please answer
x   Kind Regards x
Aimee and Colin Harris (please reply) 

Ariosto Monopólio: Mrs. Harris, if I understand right what you wrote, you had a baby, and two babies left the cradle instead? Well, actually this is a very rare birth defect; you see, after aliens stole our third dimension, our genetics went crazy, resulting in many different defects. There's a clinic, called "Sim Enhancer" that may help you. It can treat your problematic twin, giving him more personality.

Ursull Swims: Oh, Mr Monopólio, you are experienced with the "Sim Enhancer". I'm not, but I trust it would the better thing to try, Mrs Harris. I heard twin births is a rare phenoma, so do your best and feel privileged about it!

Well, I think we could need some more tea. Please, Mrs Cambelle, go on with the next question while I refill the tea pot.

It is me Betty Newbie again. Bob and I love our cat Toffee very much, but we want to have another baby, what can I do to stop Toffee feeling left out?

Cathy Cambelle: Betty, I had a cat named Jackson way back when, right before I gave birth to Carlos. When one of you are caring for the baby, one of you should socialize with the cat.  Try buying Toffee new toys, to keep busy with. Babies are only babies for some many days, so when the cradle is of age Toffee, the child, you and your husband will all be happy. 

Ariosto Monopólio: I would say that you should spend a little more time
with your baby first, then go for Toffee. The chance your child will suffer from neglect is bigger than your cat has.

My nanny is great I've just had 5 children. I was so happy but yet I've got 3 other children to attend to. My husband has to go to work and I get so stressed about tending to 5 kids the nanny is a superwoman!
Baffled Beauty

Cathy Cambelle: Hello! Well nannies are great for some, but for me I would rather spend my quality time with the children. For my 3 child, Celeste I used the nanny. But then regretted it. Celeste thought of nanny as a mother figure. Luckily now, she at the age of 10 realizes that Craig and Me are her parents. For me the nanny was a bad experience, but for you it might work very well. Also I am partially Hispanic so I do not have fair skin.

Ursull Swims: I agree with you, Mrs Cambelle, raising the child yourself is the best thing, no doubt. But I too think the nanny service is a fantastic alternative if a parent is alone and really would depend on keeping up with work. Read this article "17 sim parents about the Nanny service" for various opinions.

Well, I think that closes this session, my friends! Thank you all for sending in your questions. The link will be up on the Baby main page only for a limited period of time, so check back regularly and we'll be back with a new "Ask the experts" column rather soon.

Cathy Cambelle: Thank you and bye!

Ariosto Monopólio: Bye! Nice tea, too!