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Baby care services

Adoptable baby & Health Visitor
A health visitor will look for your baby while you go to work. The service is offered by Cheapfrills. (page 4)

Baby monitor
A monitor that will alarm you of when your baby starts crying. The service is offered by Trollsims. Look for the Electronics division. (pay site)

If your hood has access to Studio Town, you will most likely be offered to hire a Butler. The Butler will be able to look for your baby while you are at work.

17 sim parents about the Nanny service
March 14, 2004 - by Ursull S. Swims, baby specialist

I would never recommend to any parents to hire a nanny. But I do realize that some times a parent don't have a choice but hiring a nanny. So here is finally my long awaited nanny advice article!

Being there for your child is one of the beautiful gifts of life. I have raised four lovely children myself, and I would never dream of giving away that treasure of a gift to a Nanny, a Health Visitor or a Butler - total strangers! They would probably do a satisfying job meaning a child will grow up while parents can still go to work daily. But what is there in it for the child? Will the child be able to build on that nursing contact later in childhood? Will the child feel as comfortable with its true parents as if they did the nursing? As a mother I am quite narrow minded on this subject, I always wanted to protect what I see as the baby's rights!

My doubts are many, but because I do not have a fifth baby I was not able to test the Nanny service. So, a year ago I asked for other sims to help me by sharing their experience. And the response was enormous! This service is definitely more popular than I like to admit. Below are just some of the many letters I received. You will be happy to know that there are both positive and negative conclusions, so the choice is still very much your own!

I will not publish any more comments on this case, but look out for my new column starting this Spring, where any baby related questions can be asked.
Tamster: It lacks the parental bliss!
I have had the nanny from Cheapfrills for some time now.  While it allows my sims to have the freedom and ease of continuing on with their lives, it lacks the parental bliss of caring for the youngster (not to mention the baby almost always comes in the light skin tone regardless of parents' complexion) and losing sleep over it.  All in all, I have kept the nanny in my "little black book"  for those times when I just have to have a little one and never want it to grow up!
Precioustya: I need a nanny!
Yes! Nanny, definately. I find myself always having to quit jobs just to take care of the baby. If it is possible to have a nanny, I would like to know how.
Emma: She's a miracle worker!
I downloaded the nanny and it works great. I only can see the hands though. The nanny is great and she looks after you baby. When I don't look after my child because I'm at work or busy she will come around and help me raise my child. She's a miracle Worker!
Lindystar: I need a nanny 'cause I'm a bad parent!
I really need a nanny for my babies! We are not good parents and I really really need someone to help me take care of the baby! Everytime i go to sleep the baby always ends up crying and crying and we get so mad and don't take care of him/her. We fall asleep on the floor right next to the cradle! I hope u help me and help me get a nanny for my sim children! thank you for all your time! I know this does not seem like a report but please help me!
Carleena: A nanny will improve our life styles!
Dear Mrs. Swims. Everytime I try to hire a nanny nothing works on
Cheapfrills. It just dosen't work. I know it is not just me because a neighbor tried, too. Now I know you don't prefer hireing a nanny but with 2 kids and planning to have another one and both me and my husbands' careers taking off it is hard and i want to make it better. I mean my husband works nights I work days. We spend a lot of time together and with our kids. My oldest comes home from school and his brother is messing up the house, my husband is sleeping, Alex dosen't study. Then my husband will wake up because there so loud, then I come home and everyone is in a bad mood. It is great having family day I just think having a nanny will improve our life styles. Thank you.
June: I can't believe people want that Nanny!!
The nanny made one of my baby taken away from me by a social worker. I can't believe people still want that nanny.
Ilana: I can't believe people want that Nanny!
My nanny didn't come what happened?
Natalie Brooks: Nanny did a professional job!
I hired the nanny for my adopted child, Stephanie, because I could not afford to lose my job. The nanny did a very professional and respectable job.
Amelia: Get the baby monitor!
Dear Ursull S. Swims. Do you mean the adoptable baby, that comes with the health visitor? If you do, I have got that already and the health visitor only comes if your kid has been crying loads!
I do know how you can tend to your baby more easily, though... go to and get the baby monitor and tv from the electronics department, and when the baby cries, you will go to it automatically! Hope this helps everone on your site!
Lucie: The buttler was too old and slow!
I'm a young mother name Lucie and my husbond Ville is a famous singer... to try to make my job as a housewife a bit easier we decided to hire a buttler who'll also take care of the baby... the buttler does take care of the child, but it seemed heartbreaking to me to see how long it might take before the buttler responded to the cry of my daughter... besides, the Buttlers are old and he would cough into the cradle of my dear Lucretia... I fired him right away and took care of my child on my own... I cannot recommend it.
Mahasiti: The Nanny service really helped me!
I was married for 20 days before my husband and I both agreed to have a child - he was very dedicated to his work and i couldn't stay at home with our new baby as we needed the money - espeacailly as we had a new mouth to feed. Eventually the enevitable happened - a social worker took our child. Shortly after my husband had an afair and moved in with his mistress whilst we started on divorce proceduers. I found my self living alone and i missed my child (whom i never saw grow up). Then when i had enough money i adopted my now daughter Chloe. She is my whole life. When i adopted her i couldn't afford to leave my job and i didn't want to be fired so i had the nanny sevice come and look after her while i couldn't. It wasn't like that all the time when i was home i would look after her - i often went to work hungry, tired and uncomfortable - but i went and i kept my job and i made money which helped me to build Chloe her bedroom. We are the closest mother and daughter. The Nanny service really helped me. 
Shirley Skeeter: Nanny? Under no circumstances!
I work very hard in the medical field and my husband is an aspiring athlete and so when our third baby arrived just this past week we decided that this time we would try the new nanny service we've all been hearing about.  Well, the child was well cared for, that much is true.  We could go to work and not have to worry about the Social Services taking our little boy, but when he grew out of his infant stage we discovered that unlike our other children, we didn't have a 50/50 relationship with him.  In fact he didn't like us very much at all and his behavior towards his siblings was atrocious.  After a while he refused any social interactions we tried and eventually due to his truancy, had to be sent away to military school.  My advice to you, if you plan on having babies, make sure there is at least one parent willing to sacrifice career and stay at home.  If not try a daily trade off on who misses work, but under no circumstances should anyone ever hire a nanny as it can be detrimental to family development and bonding.
Shirley Skeeter
#9 Simburry Lane
Crow View Valley 
Mrs Trent: Nanny service is easy to use!
Hi my name is Tia Marie Trent I use the the nanny service and found it easy to use. With the new hows the baby option I knew exactly what my little Johnathan needed. 
McWindle: A very satisfactory service!
Dear Mrs. Swims, we are faithful readers of the Simmerville website, as we find it is a wonderful way to keep up with the world beyond our neighborhood.
We noticed that you had asked for Sims to report their experiences with the Cheap Frills Nanny.  We adopted our son Mazo in this way, and know several other Sims who have worked with this agency.  All of us agree that it is a very satisfactory service.  Our children are normal, happy and healthy, and thanks to the Health Worker's visits none of us has lost a baby to the social worker due to unforeseen accidents.

When adopting a baby in this way, the Health Worker assigned to your household in no way takes over the parents' job.  You can still play and look after your child and give it all the love it needs, and the Health Worker will only stop by if she hears that you are having difficulties. Our Health Worker, Maude, was very helpful and understanding.  She stopped by on Day 2, while Ella was exhausted from moving and Kathie-Anne was at work, and was a real lifesaver!
The only drawback we have noticed is that our babies tend to be bad conversationalists when they first grow up to be children. Unlike regular children, they are sometimes born with no special interests at all.  However, we find that ordering an inexpensive magazine rack from fixes that problem right up -- kids love reading magazines and quickly develop new hobbies.
In short, we would recommend the Cheap Frills adoption service for any Sims who have had trouble raising children in the regular way.
Ella and Kathie-Anne McWindle
#9 Sim Lane, Bohemia-on-Syme

Mrs Hick: If you want a baby, look after it!
My name is Mrs Hick. I have written to make a little moan about the nanny service. I have not tried the nanny service myself but if people really want a baby then they should sort something out before the baby arrives so that one parent could look after the baby. Also is you want a baby then you should be bothered to look after it. I understand that there are alot of parents who have good excuses for hiring a nanny, but then again there are parents who just can`t be bothered to look after the baby. If you ask me, parents should have a child and then when it is a kid they should find a job then.
Yours sincerely Mrs Hick  (who hopes to have a baby soon)!
Jade: I regret using the nanny service!
Hello.  I am a mother of two. My second child, Louisa, had the nanny and i have to say it did help ME. But it only helped me. Yes i was able to keep my job, go downtown, cook, sleep and  take care of my son. But when little lousia grew up, she may aswell have been a stranger. I poured love onto her, but she never seemed to like me. Always asking for her 'nanni-mum' i was devasted. She also neglected her studies and skipped school. Soon the military decided  to take her. I regret using the nanny service and i miss my daughter greatly.
Mrs Raphael: Black couple got a white baby!
Hello, I am LaToya Raphael and I have two children. A friend of mine hired a nanny and while she never had to care for the baby, and it was easy, it turned out being hard to deal with. My friend Michelle was black and when her child grew up, it was white because of the process of buying the nanny with the maid. This happened many times and it seems to only produce white babies to black parents. Since we live in an upscale neighborhood, now many of the parents have live-in nannies. Though we still have maids, these nannies each have ten cooking points, and they serve all meals and eat at their private table in the kitchen. Whenever a baby is born, they take care of them and do shopping for the house. They also wear a black dress uniform. We found this would be a healthy alternative to having these helpers in the house and naturally born children from their parents instead of bought from a service. Our nanny even occupancies us on vacations and helps our children buy clothes and talks to them when their social levels are down and there are no friends to call. Hiring a nanny is weird and one time she even showed up invisible which was weird. If you need anything else, please contact us in Beverly Sims, the neighborhood of the rich.
Mrs. Raphael
Wife of Mayor of Beverly Sims