Life lines
[numbers refer to age]
Steven Gobelin (62 Simmerville)
Steven Gobelin
Born at ?
21? Married Chia Clemp (28)
22 Bought and moved to 62 Simmerville
30 Son Bartemon born
33 Son Rupius born
35 Son Raolius born
80 Wife Chia died (87yo)
87 Died at 62 Simmerville

Bartemon Gobelin (Simmerville)
Bartemon Gobelin
Born at 62 Simmerville
24 Heir to 62 Simmerville
24 Married Josiheid Multh (22)
27 Son Steron born
30 Daughter Deleila born
74 Died at 62 Simmerville

Rupius Gobelin (Simmerville)
Rupius Gobelin
Born at 62 Simmerville
20 Married Yvita Brach (21)
20 Moved to 76 Simmerville
22 Son Sid born
60 Wife Yvita died (61yo)
76 Died at 76 Simmerville

Raolius Gobelin (Simmerville)
Raolius Gobelin
Born at 62 Simmerville
21 Rented Simmerville 9
21 Married Loucia Hedgewood (18)
22 Son Stes born
25 Daughter Bella born
57 Died at 9 Simmerville
Genealogy: Gobelin Family Tree

Are you into genealogy? This month the Mazaloom Historical Society brings us the story of another family with Simmerville traditions, the Gobelins. Who were they, and how are today's sims related?

Study the tree and read about their 130 years long Simmerville presence. The family tree below is just an illustration showing the portraits and names (point at portraits). In the new Simmerville Families History Book you will find the interactive family trees where you can scroll generations and click any portrait for additional information on each sim.

All information might be adjusted as we at the Historical Society find out more.

The tree below became too wide, so it was split in 3 : A, B and C.

Gobelin family tree

Steven Gobelin (62 Simmerville)Chia Clemp Gobelin (Simmerville)
Bartemon Gobelin (Simmerville)Josiheid Multh Gobelin (62 Simmerville)Rupius Gobelin (Simmerville)Yvita (Brach) GobelinRaolius Gobelin (Simmerville)Loucia (Hedgewood) Gobelin (9 Simmerville)

Part A
Bartemon Gobelin (Simmerville)Josiheid Multh Gobelin (62 Simmerville)
Steron Gobelin (Simmerville)Edwarda Malling Gobelin (62 Simmerville)Deleila Gobelin (Simmerville)
Almus leGrox (Slemmon Heights)Adelheid Gobelin leGrox (Simmerville/Slemmon Heights)Bartemoleus Gobelin (62 Simmerville)Christina Hicks Gobelin (62 Simmerville)Josefine Gobelin (Simmerville)
Stewart Gobelin (62 Simmerville)Angela Mervil (62 Simmerville)Edithe Gobelin (8 Slemmon Heights)Arches Gobelin (8 Slemmon Heights)Edmon Gobelin (Downtown)

Part B
Rupius Gobelin (Simmerville)Yvita (Brach) Gobelin
Sid Gobelin (76 Simmerville)Bolina (Bluzz) Gobelin (76 Simmerville)
Rury Gobelin (Simmerville)Marthild Fresco Gobelin (Simmerville)Ursulla Gobelin (Simmerville)Adam Grumblin (Simmerville)Yvita Gobelin (Simmerville)Yvita Gobelin (Simmerville)
Stuber Gobelin (downtown)Ronald Gobelin (downtown)Brad Gobelin (downtown)Arod Grumblin (Simmerville)

Part C
Raolius Gobelin (Simmerville)Loucia (Hedgewood) Gobelin (9 Simmerville)
Stes Gobelin (8 Slemmon Heights)Deleila Gobelin (Simmerville)Bella Gobelin (5 Simmerville)
Alexia Gobelin (8 Slemmon Heights)Pan Grumblin (Simmerville)
Arches Gobelin (8 Slemmon Heights)Editha Gobelin (8 Slemmon Heights)Selma Gobelin (8 Slemmon Heights)

Gobelin family story
This family moved to Simmerville about 130 years ago, and there are still descendants living in Simmerville. 

The first Gobelins
130 years ago we find the first Gobelins residing in Simmerville: Steven Gobelin and Chia Clemp bought 62 Simmerville from Lucie Mervil. We don't know Steven Gobelin's origin, but we know his parents were Bartemolius and Raya Gobelin. Chia was the daughter of Rupin Clemp and Lita Craft of Slemmon Heights 22, just north west of Simmerville. It seems like the Gobelins kept a close tie to Slemmon Heights, perhaps also Steven had family there when they moved to Simmerville. 

Steven was quite wealthy compared with other Simmervillians at the time, so we take it that his past was good and that he moved because of lack of land rather than lack of money. This indicates that he had at least one older brother or sister who inherited the family goods, wherever that was located.

Steven and Chia cut timber and built a house, grew cabbage and kept a few chicken. They both reached the respectable age of 87 years, and they did pretty well. None of their 3 sons had to worry about money when moving out to establish their own homes: Bartemon Gobelin (A) was heir to 62 Simmerville, Rupius Gobelin (B) moved to 76 Simmerville, and the youngest son Raolius Gobelin (C) rented 9 Simmerville. All of them had descendants that can be traced right up to our own time, but only Bartemon's descendants do still reside Simmerville.

Lots and property
It is already mentioned that the Gobelins were wealthy, something they managed to be through out generations. It secured them to educate their children, and most of them had a fair income from their work. They all owned their own land, except Raolius Gobelin (C) who rented new land at 9 Simmerville, but who still made a very good fortune, economically.

Lots in Simmerville where this family resided: 

62 Simmerville: 
The main Gobelin residence, today owned and resided by Stewart Gobelin (4th generation). Steven Gobelin built a house here 130 years ago.

76 Simmerville: 
98 years ago Rupius Gobelin (B) bought 76 Simmerville from Brigort Mervil. Rupius married Yvita Brach, they had only one son, Sid, who inherited the house. He married Bolina Bluzz (from Simmerville) and they had 3 children. Their son Rury was heir to the house, and he became 3rd generation here. He married Marhild Fresco (from Simmerville) and they had 3 children. 

Old photos shows that this house must have been one of the nicest in Simmerville. Unfortunately the house was totally ruined in a fire where Sid, Rury and Brad all died (3 generations Gobelins). Rury and Marhild's son Stuber was heir to the ruined house, but the remaining household moved to a downtown apartment and Stuber Gobelin let the lot to trailer parking. Today it seems that ex-criminals have occupied the last trailer, and it's one of Simmerville's least attractive lots even if it's located near the river.

9 Simmerville: 
Almost 100 years ago Raolius Gobelin (C) rented this lot from Josella Grumblin. 37 years later Raolius died and the widow Loucia (Hedgewood) Gobelin moved to their son who rented a huge house at Slemmon Heights. Their daughter Bella had already married Johan Goth elsewhere in Simmerville.

The Gobelins hardly ever made a living from farming - no, they rather spread their energy on academic and creative jobs such as teachers and even musicians. Exceptions were Raolius (C) who grew cabbage and Rupius (B) kept chickens but also worked as a musician. His son Sid was probably the most successful musician of the Gobelins. Also Steron Gobelin's creative talents were passed on as his son became a fashion photographer and his grandson, Stewart Gobelin, today runs a rather successful fashion studio. 

A family haunted by accidents?
When stoves and technology was introduced to sims 70-80 years ago, it caused a serious raise to fire statistics. Even so, it seems like the Gobelins had more than their fair share of these accidents.

Steron Gobelin (A) was heir to 62 Simmerville after his parents Bartemon and Josiheid Gobelin. 44 years ago both Steron and his wife died in a fire. The house was saved and none of their 3 adult children were hurt.

26 years later, Rury Gobelin (B) had inherited 76 Simmerville from his father Sid Gobelin (B). Then there was a very tragic fire where Rury, his father and one of his sons (Brad) all died in the same fire. The house was completely ruined, and the surviving household members moved downtown.

In addition a family member, Deleila Gobelin (A), was killed in a car accident. 

The Gobelins of today
The best known Goblin family member of today is Stewart Gobelin (Gobelin Fashion) who lives with his family in the original Gobelin lot at 62 Simmerville. The house was partly modernized 2 generations ago, but parts of it is still original. Stewart Gobelin is married to Angela Mervil and recently they had their first child, Bart. 

At 51 Simmerville lives Josefine Gobelin, 60 years old and retired, never married. Not so long ago her sister, widow Adelheid (Gobelin) leGrox, sold her house at Slemmon Heights and moved in with Josefine. These two old ladies are the Aunts of Stewart Gobelin.

These are all descendants from family tree A. We do not know much about the alive Goblins in B and C, but one day they might return to live in Simmerville.

[Text by Mazaloom Historical Society, April 2004]