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If you don't find what you are looking for, not even by searching the archive, please mail me with your request.

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Search the Simmerville archive

Our constantly growing number of articles might make it hard to find exactly what you are looking for by scrolling the theme sections. So we added a way to search the Simmerville archive! Although the search is not checking the entire content of each article but is limited to title and intro, this new feature will hopefully be to some help.
See further down on page for some tips.

Didn't you find what you are looking for? Try to narrow down the search string by typing only a part of the word you are searching. If you look for "astrology", searching for "astro" will find articles with astrology, astro, astrological etc. If you search for "pets" the search will not find articles where the word is "pet" instead of "pets".

Also be aware that most of our articles are written in UK English, for some words there is a different way of spelling. By trying different parts of the word you should be able to find any articles, if not, contact websimtress.