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the Simmerville
Families History Book

- brought to you by Mazaloom Historical Society -

In the left section you will find four lists counting all Sims currently living in Simmerville, sorted by life stage from child and up.
Click any of them to see their tree and lifeline in the main section. The tree and its data is updated every local simday.

Sims living at Simmerville's downtown area are listed as just one group. Their data is updated only periodically and might therefore be a little outdated. Their age is correct, though.

If you don't find the Sim you are looking for, try the official Simmerville Households Index. Each household has its own page where each household member's family tree is linked.

In the main section (this section) the Sim's family tree as well as lifeline info will appear.
Point on any Sim's family tree portrait to see the Sim's name, age and location (works on most browsers).
When a sim's portrait is clickable you can click it to make that sim the main character of the tree. The sim you clicked will appear in the second row of the next view - the portrait will be framed (green) and will also show top left.

For some families we will publish a short family history as a separate article on Simmerville web. In the left side index there is a list of such articles.

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Mazaloom Historical Society is working tirelessly on adding more information to the script as we find out more. Check back to find out if your unknown, distant relatives are living next door!

Disclaimer: Most facts are collected in archives or given by mouth by alive sims. Simmervillians who find anything incorrect or details they don't appreciate to see online, please call us and we will adjust the information as soon as possible.