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Formerly known as ESC Prediction Calculator! Quiz is more appropriate because this is all about tons and tons of questions... ;-)

Starting this year there will be just one round ongoing March 24 to May 10. The results page will be updated weekly or when there are 5 pr more new submissions. I'm sorry that a few flags are missing on the score board page, will be fixed very soon!

April 8, 2008:
Congratulations, the ESC Prediction Quiz just died!
Due to the change of the ESC line-up, and the growing number of entries, the ESC Prediction Quiz (aka ESC Calculator) will no longer be updated. There is an end for everything. Bye-bye.

March 24, 2007:
Congratulations, the ESC Prediction Quiz 2007 just opened!
Need help ranking this year's ESC entries? Run the ESC Prediction Quiz! First you will be asked 3 or 6 questions regarding the semi finalists, then the entries that are directly qualified for the May 12th final. Submit your score board. All submitted predictions (full or mini) will affect the total prediction ESC wise (12,10,8,7... points).
PS: If you want to break out, just keep Enter pressed for a few seconds to rush through the remaining questions.
Let the fun begin...

Want to predict Eurovision Song Contest but need help ranking all those entries? Then the ESC Prediction Quiz is a good stop! You will be asked 6 questions for each song including how you think different generations will vote, plus a few general questions about the running order, language and the host's benefit. Based on your choices and a few calculations - voila - your final score board for the big night will be presented! You can then submit it to add to the ESC Prediction Quiz 2007 results page.

This is NOT about what songs you like, but how you think the TV audience will vote on the big night.  Let's split those voters into 3 rough groups: YOUTH (<-30), ADULTS (30-60), OLDIES (60->). You must predict how each of these 3 groups will like each song after only one listening. You must type your answers as a number from 1 to 9 where of 1 is real bad and 9 is real great. If you don't type anything the value will automatically be entered as 5 (neutral), which would be right for entries that you have not yet listened to. This will include a grand total of questions, but if you know this year's entries by heart the procedure will be piece of cake!

Note that if you submit too many neutral points (5 or hitting enter without typing anything) your prediction will not be accepted for the total results page.

Remember: 1-2-3-4 =NO, 5=neutral, 6-7-8-9 =YES 

WARNING: Running the ESC Prediction Quiz might take a few minutes. If you need to break out during the process, just keep Enter pressed for a while to cancel and get through the remaining questions in no time.

When you are done, you must make a paper print (eventually print screen) if you like to save your predictions. The page is script based, so you can not save or bookmark your score board online.

POP-UP PROBLEM? IE7 might cause a problem with scripted pop-ups, not allowing you to see the questions. You must then manually adjust your browser's internet options to allow scripted pop-ups. Opera or Firefox, and IE older than version 7 should work fine though.

Let the fun begin...

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